Monday, January 5, 2015

When The World is Covered in Ice....

An ice storm kept us at home and inside for most of the weekend.

Freezing rain and sleet turned the dry lot into a skating rink....

making it difficult for equines and humans to move about.
Equines have a distinct advantage, having 4 feet to steady themselves.

We humans have to rely on a little help.
Hubbs gave me these ice cleats for Christmas.
I have tried every type of anti-skid footwear in the past.

Yak Traks and others, though fairly effective, are difficult to keep on over muck boots,
and do not hold up to the rough terrain of the farm.
These, however are the best I have tried and I highly recommend them for over boots.

Most of the weekend, I worked on this knitting project...

taking breaks for adventures in the kitchen.
Sunday's farm breakfast was scrambled eggs, potatoes, onions, peppers, kale and spinach...

as well as homemade pop-overs.
This is the best popover recipe I have ever found.
The popover in the middle is the weirdest ever...growing horns while in the oven!

We also made chicken pie and gooseberry pie.
(and yes, I finally made a piecrust will be in tomorrow's post)

Let's go back to the knitting projects.
You might remember this hood...

The Dragon Watcher's hood...

complete with tiny bells in the tassels to quiet your dragons.

I also just finished this hood...
from the softest Italian merino wool...

my own variation of the above pattern,
which I call... 
the Dragon Keepers's Hood!
(Dragons are kept the cold of the north...keeping their fire from getting too hot.
This hood reminds me of the norse-lands!

All dragon hoods come equipped with bells.  
This one has bells attached with each of the pompoms.
(Bells that can be used to quiet your dragons, if need be.)

Many thanks to Amanda for being my model.

I also finished this hood...
I call it Into The Woods Hood.
It is from a Tiny Owl Knits pattern called "Midsummer Night's Dream."

The hood is knit from a soft wool blend.  
The leaves and flowers and berries are knit and felted.
The vines are crocheted.

It was so much fun to make (albeit labor intensive!)

You can find both hoods for sale in the Bee Haven Acres Marketplace.
(see link beneath blog header)


  1. Your knitting is beautiful. I am just learning...
    Hope you can stay toasty in the kitchen most of the day!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hoods you made! That pattern is definitely on my must knit list!! Yours are so beautiful and I love the variations you came up with!

  3. These are beautiful!.. I love them!, never seen anything like it.

    Your farmers breakfast looks divine, I'm going to throw that together for my crew, great combination, thanks for sharing. I put a paleo shepherds pie on my blog this morning that was delicious and healthy - very hearty for these cold winter days.

  4. Wow, the hoods are just amazing! So much detail in the last have way too much patience! Ha.

    I use those same anti-skid wear too. We haven't had the icy stuff yet so I haven't worn them this year. Lots of snow yesterday but windy and a bit of a Chinook came through last night and melted a lot of it.

  5. We had sleet to start with. change to all rain very quickly.I need a pair of those cleats. Darling hoods.your model is pretty cute too.

  6. Your breakfast looks scrumptious!! Patiently waiting for the pie tutorial :) Love the cable in your Dragon Keepers's Hood. I'm working on a ..Through the Woods..Hooded Neck Warmer. It also has cables and a big hood. It is working up nicely can't wait to finish it.

  7. Love those hoods! I need one that is water proof, LOL! It's sure been raining here again. I'm ready to fly south. I love a good breakfast scramble, make the tummy so happy. Be careful out there in the ice, Hugs!!

  8. Thank you for the information about the boot spikes. Good to know. I'm wondering if you have a favorite winter work glove that is warm and waterproof. Thanks!

    1. Kim, I wear these gloves:
      all winter and they keep my hands toasty. The secret? Buy them several sizes too large...that way there is air circulation around your fingers...sort of how a wetsuit works for divers.

  9. Remember when you used to get gifts from Victorias Secret???

  10. you are sooooo talented. i love the new hoods!!! i have those cleats and they are great. i need to find them because i went flying when i hit the patio on saturday morning!

  11. Wonderful photos ! Yes our weekend was filled with rain . freezing rain and now snow that fell over night and sunshine today but wind chill is nasty they have warnings out for the windchill for the rest of the week ! ! Never heard of those type of cleat grippers for the winters . I have the ones that have the metal spike cleats on the bottom as well and the foot part is made of the rubber from car tires they are called Gripons they work well for me . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day and stay safe and cozy !

  12. Another great product for icy walks are Icebug Boots, both warm and grippy. They have spikes built right into the sole! Not too great for indoors haha.


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