Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a cold, gray, drizzly weekend...
but there was a bright sunny spot that I basked in...

Tyler spent the weekend on Grammie's farm!

We spent our days playing Legos, doing puzzles, playing with play dough, 
and playing with the set of Brio trains that I saved from when my kids were young.
There was plenty of pirate play as well!

Even the dogs became pirates....
poor Sammy was in the brig!

We visited with the farm animals, and Tyler helped with the chores!
Feeding the donkeys...

and giving hugs...

Feeding the pigs...

Giving the goats a cracker treat...
(one for the goats, two for Tyler...and so on...)

We visited Leo in the hayloft...
(and played "king of the mountain" on the hay piles.)

It was a very full weekend...
and made lots of memories.

This coming week I am getting the sewing machine out...
and will be whizzing away working on new aprons for our local coffee shop.

If I have any time left over for relaxing, I will be working on these...

I hope to make a bunch of these stocking caps for sell.
Too cute!
(Now, we just need another baby in the family!)


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. Those baby hats will be adorable!

  2. What a fun weekend!! Then sewing and knitting, looks like a fun week ahead.

  3. WOW ! Has Tyler ever grown . I love seeing him with the farm animals I bet he has soo much fun there I know I would ! Lovely photos . The baby hats are cute . That's a good idea making your aprons for your local coffee shop . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Looks like you had a fun and full weekend. Cute pictures. Love the stocking hats! Happy sewing!

  5. when i die i want to come back as one of your grandchildren.....or one of your dogs!

  6. Oh, how wonderful that Tyler is blessed with a Grammie with a farm. Beyond precious. Making wonderful memories for both of you! Love the hats and how neat that you are making aprons for the coffee shop :)

  7. I wished I had a 'farmy' and a Tyler!!!
    enjoy those blessings--
    love the photos and thanks for sharing--

  8. Can I be adopted as a grandchild. Really I can act very young even if I'm covered in wrinkles! I'm sure I will catch on fast the feeding and hugging of the farm animals. Oh to be young and visiting Grammie's farm! Hugs!!

  9. You don't have to be a grandchild to visit Grammie's Farm!!!

  10. Tyler is such a cutie, (looks sweet too.)
    Great you are teaching him to help with the Bee Haven chores.


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