Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Need A Little Color...The World Is White Once Again!

I have always thought of my sewing room as my sanctuary...
the place I go to create and play and sadly, to iron.
(Truth be told, I really don't mind ironing...and I am rather old-fashioned
when it comes to that.  I never did believe there was really any such thing
as permanent press!)

And then I ask myself... do I really need a sanctuary?
To me, the whole farm is a sort of sanctuary.
I find my peace in every square foot of this place.

To continue....
as I sat in my sewing room yesterday with the sewing machine whirring away,
I looked outside the window and was surprised to see an un-predicted snowfall.
(We are to have 3 inches today...but yesterday was supposed to be light rain.)

The time was nearing afternoon feeding time, so I bundled up and headed outside.

As I drove up to the barn, the horses were at the fence waiting for me...
eager to have their afternoon's allotment of hay.

Ollie, true to form, was trying his best to kick Red...
a game they play quite frequently, and one at which Ollie excels!

The turkeys were playing tag with Annie...

also an almost-daily ritual.

At this time of year when my whole world seems gray and drab,
a fresh snowfall breathes new life into my surroundings.
Even the compost piles look good with a fresh coat of snow.

I have to admit...I do get a little excited when it snows....
even though, in my world, there's no such thing as a "snow day" anymore.

Everyone was out in the snow yesterday...
even the goats, who generally don't like to eat out in the precipitation, didn't seem to mind.

Sammy: "Did you know that snowflakes taste like sugar?"

I spent a little time yesterday looking at pictures from summertime,
and found myself feeling a bit melancholy...
missing green grass and beautiful gardens.

And then I headed for my kitchen window for a little taste of summer...
Ahhhh...some welcome green and vibrant color in this otherwise gray/brown/white world of mine!

The amaryllis(s)... (does anyone know the plural of amaryllis?  Is it amarylli?)
...was a Christmas gift from a dear friend.
(And Joyce, you might notice that little bee buzzing around their tops!)


  1. awwww...the bee looks cute buzzing around your amarylissssesssess. what a pretty snow. we are getting the same thing right now. i like ironing though i rarely do it anymore.

  2. I'll bet your sewing room was that much more cozy when you came back to it. Love the print you are using. Stay toasty! I'd love for you to share this outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  3. Beautiful post- thanks- I needed that!!!!

  4. Love those Amaryllis blooms! It sure does brighten up that kitchen window. I'm sure by today everything is pure white with snow and oh so beautiful. We are suppose to have sunshine today, so looking forward to blue skies. Enjoy your sewing room, looking for to pics of projects. Hugs!!

  5. So much joy everywhere you look, what a beautiful Haven!

  6. There is no plural for Amaryllis..Yours are lovely..I like that they are short..We had a few snow/rain showers late yesterday..Enough to make it wet and a little slippy later..Now we are getting the beginning of the 1-3..Maybe we'll have something worth plowing this time..Love the fabric you have chosen for the aprons. I'm with you in the ironing department..I iron almost everything..Enjoy this snowy day..xxoo

  7. Loved this post! Thanks for sharing...:)

  8. Gorgeous Amaryllis . . .
    Happy for your snowy day . . .


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