Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bone Chilling

It may look absolutely beautiful outside right now...

but like most of the central and eastern portions of the country,
it is brutally cold.
Bone chilling cold.

The kind of cold that blows right through your gear and pierces you with icicles!

Off we go...out to the barn to feed more hay.

And look who's following us in his thick winter coat...
Bobby...who just can't decide if he likes the heat lamp in the garage or one in the barn.
(He switches around from day to day.)

Amazingly, as long as the equines are eating...
they don't seem to mind the cold.

And so....
they eat....

and eat....
Daphne looks like a balloon.

And Chloe....that face....that adorable, huggable, kissable face!

We've been trying to keep the birds inside...keeping their gates closed,
so that they cannot get out to free range.
Heat lamps in their houses help to ward off frost-bite.

Sam's been very lazy lately...
opting for rides in the gator rather than running like he used to.
We were worried that perhaps he wasn't feeling well...
so Dr. Becky sent some blood for studies.
Everything came back ok.

Looks like Sammie has just opted for taking life easy!


  1. Such sweet donkey cuteness. So fuzzy their faces look like they could be related to alpacas. Glad that Sammie's just takin' it easy, but with that sorrowful looking face, you wouldn't know it. Stay's 26 here in Austin this morning.

  2. It looks so serene with the snow and blue sky. Hope you have some hot cocoa to enjoy today!

  3. The super cold weather sure makes for great photos. We had a spell of this a week ago but all is well now, as the lows are in the high 20's. I'm with Sammie....just hanging.

  4. Burrrrrrrrrr! Love those donkeys! It's a good day for all to stay inside and stay warm! Hugs!!

  5. those donkeys are the cutest creatures. one is cuter than the other. stay warm! it sure is cold out there!

  6. My donkeys fluff up like my chickens do when it's cold. They look far fatter than they really are. We are at 26*, which is very cold for all of us. However, just like your donks, mine prefer to be outdoors as long as there is food and warm water.

  7. Looks like we will be suffering the same fate on Saturday. 10 degrees in Zone 9 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

  8. I haven't stopped by in a while. I don't know. Love those faces...Daphne and Chloe.

  9. Sammy probably hasn't gotten over his last escapade. Wonder what he ate out there? So far we have been able to avoid the win. Neither of us mind the cold. I think we have appropriate clothing. Beautiful out there today.

  10. Hope you all can be warm and cozy through this cold snap. It is really cold her too. The equines moniker of 'hay burners' aptly applies. Patty/NS

  11. It is wickedly cold here to blowing snow white outs and just plain YUK ! But I bundle up and get out for a bit to make sure birds and critters are fed and to play with Miggs for a bit then in we come by the fire ! There are days I feel like Sam in this cold lol ! Thanks for sharing . lovely photos oh and the donkey's are cute and chubby and cuddly looking with their fuzzy winter coats . Have a good day !

  12. PS..Love the pictures of the donkeys..Sam looks unhappy..The Turkeys want OUT!! .Maybe over the weekend??
    Max is starting to look like Bobby now..He's getting his fluff back.

  13. Maybe Sammie is just being a Smart Handsome One . . .

  14. Maybe Sammy is feeling a little more age and maturity I remember how active and what a ball he has been with all that energy. Smart lad..stay with you and keep warm. I just love his cool dude!! Sure has been a hard winter already with this cold on everyone. Love the winter but this wind chill is getting to me..ugh!! Have a great weekend.


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