Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Walk On The Wild Side

Well, this week we hit the deer jackpot.
The wary deer who checked out the feed block must have told their friends about it,
because everyone came to nibble over the past week.
There were 1600 photos of deer nibbling at the bait.
Here are some of the best...

And this week's newcomer is a little mink...


  1. Wow! They are having a nice get-together, huh? Fun, fun!

  2. Cool pics. My son has a camera out in the woods behind his house and he caught a deer giving birth on it. Really neat.

  3. Wow...a Mink! Some of those deer look like they were posing. What is in the Bait? It doesn't look like a salt lick which is what some of my friends used to use in their backyard's. Have a fun weekend ..hugs!

  4. I love deer. I think they are beautiful animals as long as they're not running into my car or nibbling down my kitchen garden. What were you feeding them?

  5. Very cool, it's neat to watch and I love it that one deer is always keeping an eye out for predators.

  6. Wonderful ! The deer look quite young . We used to have Mink's here many years ago but we don't now it is a shame . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. I just love this camera! You just never know what will show up... Great fun, Bev!

  8. Wow! that's a lot of deer. Love the mink.


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