Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot....Oh Never Mind, It Melted!

The goat yard is usually a hub of activity.

Yesterday, as the temperature rose and the snow melted,
it was even more so!

All of the hens were out in search of worms.

Annie was intrigued by all of the hustle-bustle.

I was searching the goat houses for eggs (none found...YAY!).

And because the dogs were in the yard with me,

the goats were on high alert.
Who wouldn't be with these two wild animals acting this way!

Some were on even higher alert.

Others were just curious about why I was crawling into their houses!

Our weather has been erratic lately...
snow one day,
melt the next,
snow the next,
melt....and so on.
The ground is ultra-soggy right now and will probably stay that way until it freezes.
For now, though, we squish, squish, squish along as we do chores...
thankful for waterproof boots!

I've started a little decorating for Christmas.
The living room theme is "woodland creatures".

I'm not ready to show you much more than just a peek.
Today I will be finishing this room.

I've also been filling any "down" time with knitting...

just a few last minute cowls for Christmas gifts.
I love this leaf pattern.


  1. I haven't a clue how you squeeze in knitting time into your day . . .
    (Same weather her, snow . . . melt . . . snow . . . melt . . . makes me not happy!)
    Indeed . . . thank goodness for water proof boots!

  2. whatever you do you do with verve and style
    can't wait to see your room all decorated
    Love those chubby goats! the one seems to be wearing dentures :)

  3. Cute title I had a giggle ! Pretty much the same here only we have had rain instead now . Still green grass for us and the temps are in the hi 20s to low 30s strange for us here . Lovely photos ! . you have down time ??? really ?!!!!! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. I love the leaf pattern..Very pretty..The goats pen looks like a very busy place..Looks like you could have used a traffic cop!! I guess since they have their own straw, the hens don't need to lay eggs in the goats bedding!! Happy decorating..

  5. The hens must have liked the redecorating you did in their laying boxes with the straw, if they stopped laying eggs in the goats houses. Can you imagine what they had to say about it when they went to bed last night. Don't let them hear about those potential privacy curtains on each box or they will be very spoiled chickens having their own interior designer.

    The goats can always be counted on to have amusing looks on their faces. They sure can make some silly faces, but I can tell they are seriously wondering why you are searching their houses. Good thing goats don't have opposable thumbs or cell phones because they look like they would call the police to report you for breaking into their goat houses.

    Can't wait to see your decorations when they are done. I love the woodland theme and have collected a good many rustic woodland themed ornaments over the years. Not enough to fill a large tree yet, but I'm getting there. My tree is going up tomorrow by the weekend it should be all decorated. I love unwrapping each ornament as they go on the tree & thinking about the memories that are attached to them or the people who gifted them to me. I think it is as much fun as unwrapping any present & one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season. Lots of cookie dough to be made this weekend and a few quilting projects to complete. Your knitting just keeps getting better & better & the leaf pattern is an especially pretty design.

    1. Thanks, Ellen...for your visit and your sweet comment.

  6. How I love your sweet goats! First one up has such a smile on his face!
    I love your knitted cowls, the pattern is just beautiful.!


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