Tuesday, December 9, 2014

By The Way....I Love Winter!

This, amongst others, is the reason I love being outside for morning chores
while it is still dark.

Yesterday morning, with the almost full moon covered over by clouds,
I knew that sunrise would most likely be spectacular.
I was not disappointed.

A sky like this usually is usually the harbinger of a gray day.
That15 minute period during the early morning makes any type of day that follows
These photos were not digitally enhanced...it was actually that beautiful!

The herd ate their breakfast, seemingly oblivious to the drama in the skies.

I often wonder if animals have an appreciation for scenes such as this.

I suppose not, or Moonbeam would be turned the other way so that he could enjoy the sunrise
as he ate his breakfast.

The donkey girls: "Wherever you go, there go I!"....never apart.

By afternoon feeding time, snow had started to fall...

just enough for a light dusting...

enough to make sparkles on Donnie's behind.

I finished chores just as the sun set, and noticed a light in the indoor arena.

Becky and Sid were working....

practicing dressage moves...

Sid has advanced in Dressage quite quickly.
He is one beautiful and amazing horse....
and his story is truly a love story with the happiest of endings!


  1. i love winter too. that sky was gorgeous! looks like snow is moving towards you. i hope we get some.

  2. Every time I see Sid, I wonder why he is shaved like that. I have seen horses shaved in the winter and figured it was to be able to dry the sweat off quicker? But his pattern is different than any I have seen...
    LOVE the sunrise, pictures never seem to do it proper justice!!

  3. Lovely photos ! I like the early mornings to ! I like all the seasons here in our valley so much beauty to take in and capture and each season presents a different view ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. I love winter too!! more energy..more comfortable..Clothes a little bulky but "we" love it!! Becky and Sid look wonderful together..Enjoy your day..xxoo

  5. Beautiful morning pictures! Wow, Sid is amazing and truly a love story!!! Hugs!

  6. Beautiful sky . . .
    I like winter too . . . Love to walk on wintery days!


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