Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Walk On The Wild Side....Week 12

Happy Holidays from the 100 acre wood!
This week I have a little something exciting to share with you.
(You can enlarge any of the photos on my blog by clicking on them.)

In addition to the usual...



and of course wiley ole' Mr. Fox...

The trail cameras caught this flock of wild turkeys moving through the woods.
I took the three images and created a .gif with them so that you could see 
all of the turkeys on the move.
How many do you see?

I hope you are having a merry little weekend...
whatever you are doing.

Tomorrow is our Christmas celebration with our family.
All the best to you from all of us here at Bee Haven Acres!


  1. How cool is that! I guess they managed to escape the Thanksgiving table! ;0)
    Enjoy your celebration!

  2. Great catches . . . Happy family day tomorrow!
    Merry Christmas . . .

  3. 7, maybe eight turkeys. Enjoy your Christmas. :)

  4. that is a lot of turkeys!!! i wonder what your turkeys would do if they saw the wild ones?

  5. I see 7, there is a sneaky one behind the tree. I love wild turkeys, each year they visit our meadow by the dozens and our peacocks go a little nuts....they are so confused. Happy Christmas to you and yours Bev!


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