Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Update

Winter has arrived on the farm...
a little earlier than expected.
We had a weekend punctuated by cold winds, gray skies, and snow flurries.

Warm fires, comfort food, and quiet knitting filled some of the hours.
The rest were filled with family.

Tyler and his Mommy and Daddy spent Sunday with us on the farm.
We filled our day with pirate play on the pirate ship
(still in the finishing stage).

Four-year-olds have wonderful imaginations and wacky senses of humor...
which all rolled together makes for a swashbuckling great time!

We visited all of the animals, 

but spent the most time with Ginger and MaryAnn.

Tyler called in the horses....

and then helped with the chores.

It was a perfect Autumn weekend, disguised as Winter!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

wow...those horses really listen!

Missy George said...

He's turning into a real farmhand. Cute! It's nice to have help no matter what the size. I think your chores will be done quickly this week. It sounds like an "Inside" week. Enjoy!

Junebug said...

Burrr, it looks cold in those pics. Ty sure is getting so big and look at the helper he is! It's 23 this morning so I'm thinking it's a bundle up morning for me! Heat lamp is on in the chicken coop so the girls should be cozy. Have a great day, gets lots of knitting done. Hugs!!

Lynne said...

Delightful little helper. The horses sure do recognize the "dinner bell!"

Suz said...

wow I hope my grandsons never see that ship
you win in the grandma category
and the granddaughter would love that one
so happy for you that you had such a wonderful time

Karen L. Bates said...

What kid wouldn't love that pirate ship...awesome! Tyler is one very lucky boy! As are gramps and granny!

Cynthia in Denver said...

I want to play on your pirate ship!


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