Monday, October 6, 2014

The Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a beautiful, but cold, autumn weekend here on the farm.

With the exception of one trip to the urgi-center for a tetanus shot,
it was a pretty great weekend.
To make a long story short,
I had a bit of an altercation with a dirty old (sharp) pitchfork...
and the pitchfork won.... just a flesh wound...
but it occurred to me that I had not had a tetanus booster in years.

Saturday morning's hay delivery was postponed to afternoon due to rain.

Then, with a tarp of the ground, Hubbs loaded that hay onto the elevator,

while Amanda and I stacked it in the hayloft.
Now we are ready for the cold weather to come.

We did a garden harvest...
picking the rest of the hot peppers and tomatoes in preparation for Saturday night's
temps which plummeted down into the 30's.

The hot peppers were quickly turned into hot sauce and hot pepper relish.

I had a little help with Sunday afternoon chores...

And then Sam...

and Annie decided to join the fun.

Naturally, Chloe had to do show the pups that this was her territory,

and ran them off in short order!

Luckily,  Annie can out-run anything...
and Sammy is used to slipping under the fence out of harm's way!

Guess what Ginger and MaryAnn are up to?

That's right... still snacking on apples!


  1. Looks like a well-rounded weekend. Stay toasty!

  2. Such a beautiful Fall photo with the cart of pretty flowers and a picture perfect pumpkin next to it. Sorry to hear of your pitchfork mishap. That first cold Fall weekend is so refreshing, isn't it? We're still waiting for ours here in Texas. Enjoy your week!

  3. Love that wagon. Is it new? Glad you got your tetanus shot. That's one thing you need to keep up on. Your unloading of the hay has become a bit easier.your harvest looks wonderful. Got a watch those donkeys. Hope you have a great week.

  4. Sounds like another busy, busy weekend. But somehow i can tell it wasn't all work. You have a this talent of turning work into fun! Love, love the wagon and huge pumpkin!! Enjoy the day, Hugs!!

  5. i picked all of my peppers and tomatoes too. i'm making ketchup. it was a wonderful fall weekend here too. we even had a bit of snow!

  6. Oh I loved all your pictures. I liked that pepper vines too. The mules stick to-gether pretty much I see.
    Wow nice you have an elevator to upload too. Makes it much easier.

    I enjoy dropping in to sit and look. Thanks for sharing in your busy time. See you next time.

  7. I realize all of this is hard work - BUT - you've made it look like heaven . . . beautiful stuff.

  8. Good thing to catch up on the tetanus shot! Look how Chloe has her ears back as she runs off the dogs. She was not happy!!! LOL


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