Monday, October 13, 2014

The Weekend Update

We are in the midst of Autumn Splendor here at the farm.

The leaves are turning more and more shades of yellow, red and orange each day.
The sun shines brightly, but the air remains cool.

This past weekend we traveled to the Pocono Mountains to spend some time with friends.

Since this area of Pennsylvania is a little further north than the farm,
the leaves are currently at peak color.
It was spectacular!

We met Amanda and Tim on Saturday at Ricketts Glen State Park,
where we hiked a 5.5 mile trail down through a gorge alongside waterfalls...
and then back up through another glen with more waterfalls.

one after another...

incredibly austere beauty!

We happened to run into this fellow along the way...

and he was kind enough to pose for a few pictures.

And I was ever so thankful that he was this far away from the farm
and my pups!

Upon our return to the farm on Sunday,
we picked as many of our remaining apples as we could reach.

So many of them are now being consumed by yellow jackets.

What whole apples we could find will be eaten or dehydrated...

for later use.

Along our travels this weekend we stopped at this farm market for cider donuts.

Yum!!  Mulled apple cider and cider donuts!  It just doesn't get any better than that!

Another one of the things that I love about fall is the "taste" of fall!

We moved another chicken into chicken hospice this weekend.

Another one of my elderly gals, Bernice, will take Ivanka's place in the barn
for the time being.
She is old and was being picked upon.  Amanda found her yesterday lying on her side.

So, she will spend her remaining days in the barn where no one will pick on her.
Moll might be glad to see another hen where Ivanka used to be!


  1. i wish i lived closer to the poconos. i love that area. poor bernice. i hope moll befriends her. fall flavors are the best!

  2. What a lovely place you got to enjoy this weekend! When we lived in Virginia, one of my favorite things to do in the Fall was to visit the roadside markets and drive through the mountains to enjoy the color. It's not quite the same here in Central Texas. Funny how the porcupine looks so soft, you just want to pet it. I'm sure Nurse Moll will do her best to comfort Beatrice during her stay in the barn. Hope you have a wonderful week, Bev.

  3. great pictures

    I need to drive north and see some color

  4. I should not be looking at apple cider donuts this early in the morning. That is all I want for breakfast now!! Your colors are beautiful, some day I hope to be in PA in the fall. You know that bucket list keeps getting longer. I'm sure Moll will take good care of Bernice. Enjoy your Fall day, Hugs!!

  5. Nature is beautiful but is a cruel master e.g. Bernice, but Bernice is lucky to have you taking care of her...

    Annie v.

  6. Beautiful scenery! So gorgeous, I love all the colors. That hike must have been delightful....such a pretty area. Cute porcupine! Just a little guy.

  7. What a spectacular trip! I'm living vicariously through you, as we don't get that kind of color here. So glad Bernice has a safe place to stay.

  8. You celebrated fall this weekend by doing fall things and tasting fall tastes..Fun!! Beautiful falls..great porcupine pics...Sorry about Bernice...I guess they are getting old now..Chicken Hospice..what next?? Enjoy your week!!!

  9. I have never heard of apple cider donuts before but they look delicious. The scenery looks beautiful.
    Poor Bernice. I hope she is feeling better now that she is in the chicken retirement home.


  10. I do miss the apple cider! We moved to Japan a few months ago for my husband's job and the tradition of going to the pumpkin patch, having homemade cider and homemade apple fritters won't happen for the next two years! I still have my fingers crossed that we'll see Fall colors outside our door sometime soon. The pictures are gorgeous!

  11. I wish chickens weren't mean to their old friends who've grown weak. I'm sure there's a good reason for it and I'm glad there's a retirement home for them at your farm.

  12. An American in TokyoOctober 14, 2014 at 4:11 AM

    Poor Bernice!! Her face looks so sad...
    What is it about hens that make them pick on an older one??

  13. Such lovely photos. As always, thank you for sharing.


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