Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Welcome Autumn

I know I have said this before...
but I have to reiterate.
For as horrid as last winter was...
this past summer and now autumn have been stellar!

Happy Autumn to you!
It's here... my very favorite time of year. crisp and fresh... a season that you can sink your teeth into...
just as you would a juicy ripe apple from our orchard!

Our mornings are cold (low 40's)...
just perfect for the horses.

If it weren't for the gnats (all of the little black dots of the following picture)...
life would be absolutely perfect!
Yes, they are flying around my face as I sit here in the grass!

It will take a good hard frost to kill these tiny nuisances.
And at this point I am in no hurry for frost.
Frost just might be the harbinger of a winter that could plunge us right back into that polar vortex!

I am always amazed that the gnats don't seem to bother the goats.

At least they never complain!

As long as you keep moving, you can avoid them flying in your eyes and up your nostrils.

But as soon as you stand still...

I am lucky to live in a countryside that is rich with covered bridges...
many still being used.
Yesterday a friend and I did some antiquing, and our travels took us across this bridge.

I found a rather large cast iron bell...
supposedly from a paddleboat that ran on the Missouri River.
It weighs over 50 pounds, so it will be a challenge to hang.
Once it is hung I will show it to you.

And so another day of random moments passes...

I am squeezing as much into each beautiful day as I possible can...
knowing full well that this temperate weather won't last.
I can hear Ole Man Winter's bones a-rattling just around the corner.
So... for now....I am going to do my best to revel in Autumn's color and temperature!
Wanna join me?


  1. i am doing the same thing. i am out and about and enjoying every bit of autumn weather that i can. i wish we could have more of this weather all year long. we don't have those gnats, thankfully. and what is even better, the stink bugs appear to be gone! do you still have them?

  2. Love, love Autumn! I can't wait to see this new/old bell you acquired. We have rain today. We sure did need it but I' hoping for those wonderful crisp morning and warm days. Shhh, don't mention old man winter! He might hear us and wake up, yikes not yet!!! Have a great day, Hugs!!

  3. Wonderful photos ! Yes the gnats here are a pain in the butt as well ! The weather here is pretty much the same as you described your having and I love it ! Today is sunny and warm not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  4. I want to join you for sure. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I don't remember last winter being awful. I guess it was Cold l. Today I can feel the rain coming in my bones. At least when it gets colder we won't have to be bothered by these bugs for a while. Happy Wednesday.

  5. I'd rather have your gnats! We've had the biggest mosquitoes I've ever seen all summer! I thought last year's bad winter was supposed to kill all the bugs off, but I think they're worse.
    These cooler temps are much nicer for the horses - great for riding!

  6. Oh, it must be wonderful there in fall! We are just starting to feel a slight change in temperature here in Central Florida. Looking forward to cool, crisp days.

    What happened with the Hoosier?

    1. Well, just wasn't meant to be. Sadly, it went for much higher than I was prepared to pay. But, another will come along some day....I'll be keeping my eyes open.


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