Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Random Magic And Wonder

Some days I have no story to tell.
At the end of some days, I have a camera full of random pictures
and no story line to tie them all together.

But then, that's how life is...
sometimes there's a really good plot...
a complex twisting storyline...
and sometimes there are just a string of random moments
that we call a day.

For the most part I am content with the latter.
A random day filled with small magical moments is enough to keep me entertained.

Yesterday's chilly winds and blue skies made for the perfect backdrop
for a day of randomness.

I am hoping that someday the playhouse will be covered in this trumpet vine.
And so.... the pictures.... pieces of my world in a single frame...

Autumn sunrises...worth getting up early so that I don't miss a single one.
They occur so quickly, that if you don't keep your eye fixed on the horizon,
you could miss it.

Missing this fiery, colorful, heavenly display somehow feels tragic to me.

We continue to pick apples from our orchard to use in the kitchen,
but the best part of all is picking one from the tree as I pass and biting into its crisp, juicy flesh.

MaryAnn and Ginger are very spoiled these days,
and look for apple treats every time we pass by them.
(And they usually get them, too!)

Yesterday afternoon's sun was delicious.

Don't you love the way dogs take advantage of the warmth of the sun on a chilly day?

Annie is in week two of being a very "good" girl...thanks to the collar.

Bobby takes advantage of anyone on the ground....

getting his rubs in wherever he can.

The dogs are quite used to his advances.

Bobby is basically the alpha dog around here...
I am not so sure he even knows he's a cat.

And so, as I go about my day and my chores,
I have help from time to time.
Like....help leading the turkeys back to their house...

Since the turkeys like to chase the dogs, this little game works to my advantage.

A few of you were concerned about Cleo's welfare.
I might not have adequately explained this situation.
Cleo flies out of the coop every morning and ends up on the opposite side of the fence from the flock.

And there she stays until the rest of the flock emerges for their daily free-ranging...
around noon-time.
By that time just about everyone has laid her egg for the day.

Then at sundown, they all head back into their henhouses for the night...
including crafty Cleo!

Speaking of eggs....here is the long and the short of yesterday's eggs...

These two, and two and a half dozen more of various sizes in between were yesterday's bounty.
Every summer I start new hens from chicks, and by Autumn we are really pumping out the eggs.
Then when cold weather and short days arrive, a heat lamp in the henhouse provides for extra
lighting and warmth.
With this technique I will continue to have a great egg bounty throughout the winter months.

And last, but not least...
how about this hairy little creature?

This world is a magical wondrous place, isn't it?

Thanks for joining me on this random journey through my day.
Hope your day is full of random magic and wonder!


  1. i love the technique for getting the turkeys in at night! i am always so happy to come across fresh eggs in my travels. i can't imagine how nice it would be to just pluck them from my own hens! we have a wonderfully cool morning but we are about to heat up again.

  2. Those glorious eggs...what a difference in size! And what in the world is that hairy creature? It looks like it has bunny ears down the middle of its back, but I'm sure that is just the coloring. Very interesting.

  3. Aren't random days wonderful! I'm not sure I will ever be without my girls(hens) for I love having fresh egg always available. Annie is being such a good girl and good kitty Bobby!! Okay what is that furry thing? Hugs!

  4. Another wonderful post. I love the randomness! My dog, Dash, lays out on the apron too! Or on a sun patch in the house. He even does it when it's over 100 out! Crazy! Thanks for the email, I did post today...heehee.

  5. I love the moth! http://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/species/Tolype-velleda

  6. Welcome to my world...Days full of random moments with no stories that tie the all together..I can't describe most of those moments as magical though..I remember the Autumn sunrises as I was crossing the river on my way to Hershey..Absolutely the most glorious..Sadly, I can't see them here due to houses and trees..Fortunately, I see the fall/winter sunsets..That "creature" in the last picture looks cuddly..so pretty..What is it???

  7. Yours is a wonderful life on the farm... Thank you Beverly, for sharing these beautiful photos.
    Ginger and Maryann look so sweet... The hairy little creature.... Is that a moth?


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