Friday, September 5, 2014

Bobby Meets Ginger and MaryAnn

Earlier this week, I posted this picture.

This is of our "barn" cats.
Actually, Bobby is a garage cat.

He left the barn years ago, hoping to move into the house,
but with three dogs, there was just no room.
So, Bobby took up residence in the garage.
There he has several soft beds to choose from, water and food on demand,
and a heat lamp during the colder months.

I think that Bobby actually fancies himself a dog, not a cat.
He often rides shotgun in the gator to the barn,
much to Sam's chagrin.

Yesterday he rode along with me to visit the pigs.

It was his first visit that I had witnessed.

Bobby did what he always does when encountering another being...

he rubbed himself against the pigs and walked around and around them...
rubbing himself as he went.

I am sure he enjoyed their bristly fur.

I was a little nervous yesterday morning when we went out to do chores.
For the past three Thursdays, I have had to bathe Oakley with skunk treatment.
I don't know what it is about Thursdays and Oakley...but they are always bad news!

Well, true to form, he came back smelling to high heaven...not skunk, however.
He smelled so bad from the most foul, awful stench that he had rolled in...
I can only imagine what it might have been.
Two baths later he smelled good enough to let in the house.

Oakley....what am I going to do with you???

So, you see...
because I have the privilege of seeing things like this...

and this....

and so very much more beauty on a daily basis...
I guess bathing Oakley is the price I pay.
Truth be's all worth it....but don't tell Oakley I said that!

Lastly, I wanted to share a little of the wedding plans with you.
Amanda and I made these cute cookies last week...

With a little tag that read "Will you bee my bridesmaid?" on the outside
of these bags that I sewed...

She packed them up carefully and sent them off to all corners of this country to the gals
that will be in her wedding next summer.
I had to wait until now to show you so I wouldn't ruin the surprise for any of the girls.

Can you believe it?....another Friday has come along.
My how time flies!
Have a great weekend...ours will be quiet with the exception of another 4 year old soccer game.


  1. Wow, it's lucky for your dogs you can look on the bright side after all the doggie bathing! Can Bobby get in and out of the garage himself? We have had a feral hanging around this summer, and I'm trying to figure out how to keep him safe over the winter. I could not live with myself if it is -10 outside and he wasn't cared for. April

    1. April. We had a small pet door installed in the bottom of the side door to our garage. It took Bobby no time at all to figure out how to get in and out of there. So, he is completely protected from the elements during the winter....the heat lamp makes all the difference!

    2. Thanks, that is good to know. You are an inspiration. ps...I have to post as anonymous because I can barely work the computer. lol April

  2. i am sure it was something dead and rotting that oakley rolled in. teddy would do the same. the cookies and bags are the cutest thing ever! have a great weekend!

  3. The cookies are just gorgeous and what a great idea! TerriC

  4. Is Bobby a Maine Coon Cat? He certainly looks like one, and as I understand it their personalities are like dogs in cat bodies. Have a great weekend.

    1. Kendalle, I think Bobby may definitely have some Maine Coon in him....but I am not sure of his breed as he was a rescue. He doesn't look like full Maine I am guessing maybe just part.

  5. It is always fun to stop in and see what the animals are up too. Stinky dog,bath and all. I think Bobby enjoyed his visit!! What a cute idea with the bee hive cookies. Has she selected her colors yet? Enjoy your weekend, Hugs!!

  6. Aren't cats wonderful?? They don't get skunked and they stay away from Porcupines...So loving...Your cookies are just darling..Can't wait to see what you come up with next!! That mind is always working..HAve a super weekend..Great pictures BTW !!!

  7. 'Bee'autiful cookies and bags! Maybe Oakley can switch places with Bobby and take a turn in the garage seeing as how he comes home all smelly. : ) Oakley must not mind getting baths, or he hasn't figured out why he's getting them. I enjoy your blog photos and writing style. Thank you!

    1. The funny thing is, Dar....Oakley hates baths! He comes home saying, "There, now I smell really good!" But he is such a good boy, that once he resigns himself to the inevitability of a bath, he just sits there until I am done. Then I tell him to "shake" and he shakes the water off of himself. I just don't think he is smart enough to put two and two together. Or, perhaps he does, and he figures it's all worth it!!

  8. I remember when you posted the story of Bobby's decision to move up into your garage. At the time I thought "That is one cat who knows what he wants - and that was out of the barn & as close to the house as possible". Bobby is one smart & special cat I wonder if all his rubbing Mary Ann & Ginger is to mark them as his piggy girls. I would love to find a cat like Bobby when the time comes for another cat.
    Those cookies could not be more perfect for Amanda's country wedding theme. The little gift bags you made to enclose them are a wonderful little keepsake & really made the sweet cookie even more special. What a unique way to invite your best friends to be part of your wedding party. I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled to be there for Amanda on her special day. Your photos of the bumble bee & butterfly are stunning. You sure figured out how to use that new camera in short order.
    I don't know what your going to do about the regular skunkings, except wait for winter to send the skunks into hibernation (maybe skunks don't hibernate). Plan B - Hope that the snow is so deep this year that Oakley can't reach the woods. At least you'll get a break from it for a few months. Too bad there isn't a Skunk Detector device that Oakley could wear on his collar that would alarm when it detected skunk pheromones & the alarm would send the skunks into hiding. Now that would be useful to have.

  9. Oakley, Oakley . . . is keeping you busy . . . Still loving him though! (Stinky too!)
    Love the bridesmaids favors . . . will you bee . . .
    Isn't the creating part the best fun!


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