Friday, August 1, 2014

Morning Glories Make the Mornings Glorious!

Yesterday's early morning chores were done with a foggy backdrop.
It had rained during the night and the temperature was in the low 60's...
quite unusual for the last day of July!

I thought we might take a peak at the pumpkin patch...

Look at all those pumpkin babies!

And lots of corn on the cob to eat!

On our way back to the barn, let's stop at the garden.
You may have never seen it from this angle.
Here, we look down from the playhouse do the barn.

You might not be able to see it,
but there is an arch at the bottom of the garden to the left of the garden shed.
It is covered in morning glories.

Don't you just love morning glories?

I would plant them on every inch of the garden fence if they weren't such
good re-seeders.

I cannot tell you how many young vines I have had to remove during
my weeding sessions.

I swear if I left them in place, my entire garden would be covered by morning glories.

Can you believe another weekend is upon us?
I thought before we part company for the weekend,
perhaps you might want to sit in the pigpen with me for a while.

There is always plenty of activity in the pigpen!

Thanks so much for spending a little time here on the farm with me this week.
I do enjoy our visits!

Today I am attending the Pennsylvania Organic Farming Festival.
If I learn anything of interest, I will share it on Monday.


  1. Enjoyed my time with you this morning. Smiled and laugh when i was in the pig pen. Loved the morning glories, i have some also. Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. the pumpkin patch is to die for! the good thing about morning glories is that they pull out easily. thank heavens because i have them everywhere! have fun at the festival! i was just reading about it the other day.

  3. Slipping through the fence slats cracked me up . . .
    Where there is a will, they is a way?
    Happy weekend!

  4. Morning glories are one of my favs. Have planted them for many many years and this is the first year they came back and they are taking over...pretty excited about that. Can't wait to hear about the Organic Farming Festival. Love the view from the playhouse to the barn.

  5. Patsy from IllinoisAugust 1, 2014 at 9:56 AM

    I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I read it every week day and miss it on the weekends. I do have a couple of questions for you. How do you keep the ticks off the dogs? Do you use some of the drops that you put between their shoulder blades? And also do you bathe them? I would love to see some pics of that sometime. Lol.

    1. Oh apropos your question is today!!! Annie and Oakley just got bathed....because they both got SKUNKED this morning. We usually don't have to give baths unless they get skunked, which is usually about 5 times a year....sadly. Oakley and Sam dip themselves in the pond during the summer months to cool everybody stays pretty clean. We use Frontline every 30 days to keep the ticks off. It is the best product out there so far.

  6. Oh morning glories?? You are so pretty but!!!!! I believe they are now on our noxious weed list for the state. I don't think we can even buy the seeds or have them shipped in. They take over the world. Also making the list is butterfly bush, nope can't order them either. Enjoy your festival!! Hugs!

  7. I love and envy your farm life.....except I don't think I could survive all the manual labor you do! But all that exercise and home grown food is what keeps you so healthy! Enjoy visiting you every day, thank you so much for sharing. Queen Marcy

  8. Great video today. Your farm is so beautiful, tho I know it is a tremendous amount of work. I spent a week on a small farm in Illinois this summer and experienced farm life for the first time. It was glorious and I hope to have something similar in TN when we retire...soon, soon. We will build some raised beds later this summer for a fall garden to get our feet wet. The temperatures are not so terrible in the fall and spring in central Texas. Can't wait to hear about the festival. Sounds fun!

  9. I was going to plant morning glories along my railing until I remembered what "weeds" they could be..Lovely though..Hope you found the conference worthwhile...Have a great weekend..

  10. Everything is so gorgeous....pumpkin patch, the morning my my! You have a beautiful life there on your fabulous farm. Have a good weekend.

  11. Love your blue morning glories. Mine are all vines this year and what vines. No flowers. Not sure why.

  12. I wanna pumpkin patch like that!!! Love those morning glories too. Can't wait until we have fences to put them on. Your garden is always such an inspiration. Looking forward to hearing about your conference!


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