Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Wish I Had A Dollar For Every Time I Posted This Story....

You may remember me telling you last week that Annie-Oakley got skunked.
Well, one week later it has happened again...
only, this time it was only Oakley.

For some reason, yesterday morning Oakley left Annie at home and went on a mission.
I think he decided that skunk hunting was a man's job.
After all, a sweet little girl should't come home smelling so rank!

Annie and Sam stayed with me during morning chores,
while Oakley was off on his hunting trip.

Upon our arrival at home, the tell-tale acrid odor hit all of our nostrils.

Oakley:  "Mommmmm....I am soooooo sorry!"

Sam:  "Dude, you stink."

Into the shower went Oakley and Mom...and the skunk kit.

Oakley hates baths...more that he hates the stench of skunk.
If only he would remember that when he sees that white stripe.

Once bathed, he contentedly settled in for a nap...
a good morning's hunt complete.

By noon yesterday the rain was dry and the sun's emergence made everything sparkle
with color again.

Everything is so amazingly lush for August.

I could tell the temperature was around 82...
it measured that on Sammy's tongue-length heat index.

I took a little time to visit the Nigerian Dwarf Goats while I was doing afternoon chores.

This is Audrey. 

Audrey is, I think, one of our more striking goats.
Although usually quite shy,
she doesn't seem to mind showing off her colors for the camera.
Don't you just love that beard?

If a gal has to have a beard,
what's better than to have a lovely striped beard!


  1. Haha...love the tongue-length heat index! I think I am glad I don't have to worry about skunks, although I would like to see one. Your garden certainly is looking lush. And yes, that beard is very fetching!

  2. Curious as to what kind of fencing material you used to fence in your garden. Is it mesh of some sort, or wire? If mesh, can you recommend it and if so who is the manufacturer? Your garden is lovely by the way!!

    1. Our fence is a permanent structure. It is 8 feet high and is a wire fence with smaller openings on the bottom that increase in size as it gets higher...and is on huge wooden poles that were driven way into the ground. We had it done by a local Amish fence guy. It is high enough to keep out the deer....but not small enough to keep out the bunnies. I never see any evidence of them eating the garden, however, since everything is planted off the ground in cedar boxes. They do, however, love to build nests in there and give birth in the garden boxes!

  3. poor oakley....P-U!!! this is the best my plants have ever looked in august. i have rarely had to water this summer. love the tongue length heat index!

  4. Oh my, what a day! I worry about my Max getting skunked.. he has come close a few times but not so far...shewwwww! Thank the Lord! Your dogs are just beautiful and such characters. The goats are characters too. Yes, if a girl must sport a beard...Audrey does a great one.. My flowers are looking great too. I dread for the day they have to leave.....:( Going to put up (can) some beans tonight.. This has been a good year for all sorts of gardening.. have a great day....Blessings!

  5. Skunked again eh? Silly dog it isn't a play toy lol ! Love the brindle colouring of Audrey and that beard wish I could get away with one like that instead of having to keep plucking lol ! Wonderful post and photos ! Yes August here has everything lush and in full bloom , the summer here has been a bit cooler and rainier then normal ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. I think dogs "have it out" for animals that cause them pain (physically or olfactory). My vet seems to think dogs don't learn from such lessons as a face full of porcupine quills or skunk sprays. They have a vendetta after the first encounter.

  7. "Boys will be boys, mom". I keep waiting for mollie to get sprayed. We saw the skunk last night. It's been around here for at least a week that we know and we haven't smelled it. I guess that's good. I have all the stuff. I'm not sure of the formula. Mollie will not like being in the shower. She much prefers the kitchen sink. Hope you're having a great afternoon.

  8. Tawdry Audrey hasn't lost her looks. She still beautiful.

  9. Oh goodness!

    You have a beautiful blog, however! :)

  10. I feel like my dog story that I've told a million times involves dogs and porcupines.. They never learn!

  11. Again and again . . . no doubt one of them will get "skunked" again!
    I agree . . . stripped bearded look if a girls gotta have one!


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