Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A herd of equines is a family... in every sense of the word.
Much like human siblings, they bicker and pick and fight with each other.

But, oh boy, take one away and the rest cry and cry for him.

My herd is very tight.
They spend all of their time together.

And even though there are times when ears pin backwards,
and teeth grab a hunk of flesh,
they are still a single unit....always!

Most afternoons, after returning to the dry lot from their allotted grazing time,
my five horses will all jam into one stall together.
With no room for anyone to even sneeze,
they stand there,
in the comfortable security of each other's presence.

It's endearing to see this obvious affection between the five of them.

I have to say... the bickering is more play than anything...
just a way of passing the time...
a sort of game.

The donkeys are the same.
Daphne and Chloe are, for the most part, joined at the hip.
Where one does the other.

And yet they tussle, and nip, and get indignant with each other...
but not for long.
They are each other's security... the one obvious constant in each other's life.

We share so many traits, so many emotions with our animal friends.
They are more like us than we realize or admit.
The study of their social behavior always proves fascinating.

Oh, and the donkeys are inside their house because it is raining...
raining on my freshly mowed hay that is supposed to be drying.
It's that kind of summer.
Yes it is.


  1. I always feel sorry for animals that don't have companions. It must be very stressful for them. Daphne and Chloe look so comical in those photos. And how funny that the horses all squeeze themselves in to the one stall. Never a dull moment for you!


  2. Lots of rain here to as of late. Sorry about your wet hay. Animals need other animals and I think that is sometime the reason that a dog cares for a duck, or an elephant loves a dog. I see so many of these types of stories on the internet and it is heartwarming. xox

  3. oh no...when i saw that you had cut your hay i was a bit worried. we are having very heavy rain right now with lots more to come. can you save your hay?

  4. I can't believe the horses all cram into one stall without someone getting hurt! :)
    Sorry for the rain on your mown hay. Will it dry out enough to bale or is it lost to the elements now??

  5. It is so true, I have a mini donkey as well. I got him to protect my mini calves. I think he needs a companion, whereas he's accepted by the herd, he isn't part of the herd, always by himself. I'm looking for a companion for him. As for the hay, its been the same kind of year for us too...

  6. Sorry about your harvest.. You need to move it down here where it doesn't rain and the sun is shining. Yes, we all need companionship. Although sometimes I have wondered if my first pet wouldn't have been just as happy without a second.

  7. Your critters make me smile everyday - thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  8. I am jealous! Every time I try to let my minis in with the two big boys.. who aren't really that big at barely 15 hands, there seems to ensue a chase and a mad running around, and I'm afraid one of them will get hurt. So, I keep the bigs and littles separate. Wish I didn't have to!

  9. kind of like 'Litter Mates' in that they are inseperatable and yet each wanting to be the Alpha... lol!

    as for 'Quils'.. you'd think the dogs would learn after the 1st go around w a porcupine,, not to tangle,,, but dogs will be dogs...
    and as for the sweet little village, art exhibit,,, when I do make it out your way, let's put it on our list of must see.... as well as quilts shops, eateries and other fun places.

    p.s. sorry I missed your call.... I'll call you back. hugz

  10. I like the standing together, napping with their fly masks on . . .
    Such companionship . . .


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