Monday, August 18, 2014

Dills, Swills, Quills, Pills, Chills, and Frills

How about I take you on a little chronological trip through our weekend....

Friday afternoon:  dills.

I turned the last of our cucumbers and a few from our neighbor
 into these yummy dill pickles.

Friday evening: swills.

We had a lovely evening at our favorite, quaint, local micro-brewery enjoying homemade pretzels,
crab-corn chowder and a few suds.

Later that evening:  quills and pills.

Upon our arrival home, we headed out to do the evening chores.
When we finished, we called for Annie and Oakley....
and called and called.
When they arrived home, this is what we saw....

Oakley had 60 porcupine quills in his face and in his mouth,

Annie had 20 in her nose and mouth.

Needless to say, the rest of the night was spent at the local Veterinary office, having these removed.
(Sadly, Dr. Becky was not available.)
Words cannot describe.
I am completely at a loss to explain why my dogs seem to need to tangle with
skunks and porcupines.
In the end... they always lose... they never learn.
Good Lord.
Help them (me).
Oakley spent the weekend taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and pain pills.

Early Saturday Morning:  Chills.

We arrose to temperatures in the high 40's on Saturday morning. it October?

By noon, it had warmed up considerably, and I headed out to harvest cabbage.

Yep, here I am in the cabbage patch...

with a bumper crop of cabbages.

I filled my laundry basket full of cabbages 

and headed home to make sauerkraut.
This is our second batch.  

The first is in another crock and is at about the halfway point to becoming sauerkraut.

Sunday:  Frills.

Sunday morning after morning chores, I donned my best frock (with frills)

and Hubbs and I headed to the little settlement of Mount Gretna.

I have to tell you, there is no other place I have ever seen that is as quaint as Mount Gretna.
With its lake and its playhouse and tiny Victorian cottages set in the woods...

let me tell you, it is absolutely adorable.
And once a year it is home to a wonderful art show.

So, we strolled amongst the trees looking at artwork... so fun.

I found this handy little gizmo...

that you use to hold your hair in a bun or a twist, like this...

Love it...easy peasy!!

So there you have it...
another typical weekend here on the farm...
a mix of the good, the bad and the "I just don't know what to call this!"
Hope your weekend was all of the above....but quill-less!

PS:  If you didn't see Saturday's post and the giveaway sure to keep scrolling down the page to see......

PS:  MaryAnn's wheezing has stopped!!
Thanks for all the thoughts and wishes.


  1. oh no! the poor pups! is this their first run in with a porcupine? maybe they will learn this time? or maybe not.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend....minus the quills!! Nice looking cabbage and won't it be yummy this winter. Love your frills and what a nice find the hair pin will put the final touches to your frills.

  3. You probably have a partially bald porcupine in your woods. Me

  4. Poor pups...they both look so pathetic. Sammy may have to give his title of Bad Sammy over to these two. :) Other than the porcupine encounter, it looks like you had a fun weekend. Have a great week and an uneventful one for the dogs.

  5. Oh not quills again. They sure are not learning are they..poor you!!
    Weekends always seem to keep us busy!
    Love your new hair twist ( or whatever you call That is ever so handy. Great idea and pretty as well. ..Have a great day!

  6. Oooooh, that's gotta hurt.
    Sounds like a well-rounded weekend! That cabbage harvest is amazing! Can you send some of those temps down here? ;0D

  7. My, my those cray dogs!!! Beside the quills it looks like a wonderful weekend. Love your skirt!! Did you make it?? Sauerkraut and Octoberfest dogs, yum, yum! Enjoy your day for August is half over. Wow, where is the time going? Hugs!!

  8. Oh mercy...those poor pups! What a clever play on words for this post! I had an enormous amount of cabbage! And I too, make kraut. For my first time. It was sooooo good! My garden is burnt up. Not much coming out of it now. I miss it.
    Love the bun thingy majigger!!
    xo Kris

  9. Your poor, poor babies! (and you too!) They look so sad! I love your pretty skirt and your new hair gizmo-it looks so pretty in your hair! You sure live in a beautiful part of the country, Bev. This Texas girl is envious of those temps! Meghan

  10. Hope your doggies are feeling better, I know your tender loving care will help them feel better. I just stumbled across your blog and love where you live and your blog. Can't wait to read more...

  11. Cute hair "thingy" !! Glad Mary Ann is better..Looks like you could have used a few more swills during your weekend..Lovely outfit !! I used to love Mt. Gretna..Fun place..

  12. Oh your poor pups! When we had a lab he always seemed to find his way into that kind of trouble. Now thats a lot of cabbage. I really want to try making kraut next year!

  13. Oh poor thing. That certainly looks painful.

  14. Loved seeing all the frills and thrills . . . those porcupine quills in the doggies . . . not so much!
    Love your new hair piece . . .
    And now I am going back to look at the art, Victorian garden like venue . . .
    Nice post . . .


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