Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breezes and Wheezes

Wednesday's rains (inches and inches of rain) were blown out of the area
by a cold front that swept through yesterday.
Gloomy skies were replaced by blue once again.

Yesterday morning, while feeding the ducks,
I saw that a tree had fallen across the pond during Wednesday's storms.
Seeing the mayhem, I decided then and there that I would try to do something about it.

I am fiercely independent and not afraid to tackle just about any job I see.
Which, I might add, drives the men around me a little crazy.

Knowing that my little (girly) chain saw that Hubbs bought me two years ago for my birthday...
(actually, that year we bought ourselves his' and her's chainsaws)
anyways...knowing that the chain was dull and needed changing (because I have used it a lot!),
prompted me to seek out our friend Jim to show me how to take a chain saw apart
(something that I have been yearning to learn.)

While running errands, I picked up a new chain...
took it home...put it on the chainsaw, cleaned up the chainsaw, 
added gas, and added bar and chain lubricant.

Then I took that chainsaw down to the pond to try to cut the tree.
It didn't take me long to figure out that I had put the chain on backwards.
As it was, it would not have cut through butter.
Once again, I took the chainsaw apart and reapplied the the right direction.
See how much I learned just in one day.

So....I started sawing (with appropriate eye and ear protection of course),
only to get the bar stuck between the two sides of the tree trunk.

(Those who know me know that my language may have been a little more colorful.)
Now I had to ask for help.

As is usually the case, our friend, closest neighbor and number one farmhand, Jim,
 had appeared at the pond in the mean time...
most likely afraid that I was going to do something stupid.
(Like put the chain on backwards?)

With man-sized chain saw in hand, he freed my little saw and proceeded to cut the trunk in half.

Oh, did I mention that he also brought his tractor?
(I had originally planned on getting my tractor and pulling the tree out of the pond, myself.)
I am sure Jim had visions of me backing my tractor right into the pond...
drowning both myself and my tractor.

So... with a team effort we hooked the tractor to the tree...

got that tree out of the pond...

drug down the road...

and pushed off into the woods.
Of course the peanut gallery was filled with little eyes watching us!

Oh, how I had hoped I could have told you that I did it all by myself.

But, that's ok...I learned a lot!

I am also a bit concerned at the present time about MaryAnn.
She has been wheezing for the last two days,
Dr. Becky saw her this morning and thought it was upper respiratory,
but with no Kunekune experience, was not sure what the problem is.

I called a large Kunekune breeder to see if they have any experience with this.
They suggested I take a rectal temperature and call them back.
Which I did. (Add that to my resume!)

The good news is...MaryAnn's temperature is she does not have 
an infection....perhaps an allergy or irritation.
I am going to change the bedding in her stall and see if that helps.

Please send some positive healing energy MaryAnn's way.
I will keep you updated.

A couple sweet moments from yesterday...


  1. oh no...i hope maryann is ok!? i hate it when pets are ill. good job with the trees! i sure am enjoying this cool weather!

  2. We are kindred spirits for sure! I, too, love tackling not-so-girly things, and prefer to do it without the watchful eyes of my husband who I fear is just aching to show me the "right" way to do something. One of my favorite things to do on our small 3-1/2 acre homestead is to drive the John Deere! That is always a good day. Hope Mary Ann returns to her normal chatty self soon.

  3. I admire you more every day!! You call Jim for advice.....I'd be calling YOU! Healing thoughts for MaryAnn's swift recovery.

  4. I heard the music . . . I am woman, I am strong . . .
    no doubt about it . . . you'll conquer anything!
    Love the "I did it" photo and the two ending "specials!"

  5. You're a woman after my own heart! I've tackled (or attempted to) several projects by myself that other's gave me crazy looks for. We are women, hear us roar!! :-)

  6. Hey Paul Bunyan, king of the lumberjacks!! Looks like firewood to me going down the road. Positive thoughts and even a little prayer for Miss Maryann. Enjoy your day, hugs!

  7. No matter what you have going always have time for cuddling. I just asked my husband the other day if he thought a small chain saw would come in handy for me....knowing my health conditions he assured me that he could prob handle all the sawing that we have to do :( Poor MaryAnn I hope that you have better news to report in a few days. Get well quick MaryAnn <3

  8. What a great post! I can hear you singing "Hear me roar"..You're the best and such fun even if you do sound like a sailor some times!!! ( I heard you)..When all else fails..ask for help !!! That's my motto..Love you

  9. Such an adventure, I trust the ducks approved! I swear the little tod/frog is smiling, along with kitty. Hug, hugs, hugs and more hugs MaryAnne throws that cough out the door. Well wishes to her from NS. Patty

  10. hey Bev, I want to be YOU when I grow up,,, if I ever grow up! lol! hugz,,,, and hugz to Maryann...
    p.s. one of these days I want to be part of the 'peanut gallery' snork, giggle!

  11. Dear MaryAnn, I would send you my asthma inhaler, but I don't think it would work on you. I hope you get better soon. When I wheeze, I cannot sleep at night. Hugs to you.

  12. Oh poor Mary Ann. I hope she feels better soon.
    Way to go to play with the big boy toys also. It may take us awhile longer because we are stubborn.LOL. Wish I was closer to come over and play with some of your I have a husband that believes in me so I am one lucky gal like you. Lots of fellas would never buy there wife a chain saw. Way to go hubs!!

  13. I just love your blog. Love the peanut gallery too. Wow have alot of guts and talent!!! Sure hope your piggie is feeling better soon. Love the pics of the kitty and tree frog too!

  14. My best friend has a Vietnamese PBP and while I know they are not the same as a KuneKune, I thought I might offer a story on small pig health. Her PBP gets a sinus infection about twice a year---usually when there is an abrupt change in the weather. He tips his head to one side, his eyes water, he is wheezy and his nose runs. It often runs its course without attention from the vet, but he has been put on antibiotics before. If you'd like more information, please let me know. I hope your sweet girl is on the mend!!


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