Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This Might Be The Rainiest Summer Ever!

This might be the rainiest summer I have ever experienced.
I am not complaining...it's great to not have to water the garden.
But the weeds......yikes!......I wouldn't turn away a little weeding help!

Scattered showers made yesterday a rather lazy day for the animals.
After being out grazing for morning (before the rains came)...

the horses and donkeys spent a good deal of the day under roof and out of the rain.

A late afternoon break in the rain gave me a chance to do a little garden weeding.

This summer's frequent rains have caused the weeds to proliferate at an alarming rate.
After picking veggies for dinner,

Swiss chard, carrots, green beans, Chinese red noodle beans, summer squash
I sat down for a visit with the donkeys.

Daphne was the first to emerge from their run-in.
Ahhhh, a stretch feels good after an afternoon nap!
For some reason, Daphne (and not Chloe) is a little on the plump side.

But, seriously, she is not as fat as this picture makes her seem!
There are certain camera angles that just are not kind to us girls!

As I sat in my chair relaxing with Chloe...

Daphne was trying to eat the chair out from under me.

The Littles were quite curious about the donkeys' shenanigans.

After doling out ear and butt scratches,
I headed home to turn those veggies into dinner...
colorful and delicious!

One of our local chickens sat roasting in the oven.

I finished off the dinner preparations with a Blueberry Buckle
and another 8 pints of jam...

this time lemon/blueberry.
(if you make the blueberry lime jam, just substitute lemons instead of limes....yummy!)


  1. Poor Daphne had me laughing out loud . . . I agree . . . certain angles are just not kind!
    Weather is the constant unpredictable isn't it . . . here sometimes when we don't need it, not when we do . . . And the weeding . . . what a daunting task . . .
    Great results on the produce though . . . your veggie feast looks wonderful . . .
    Hoping for some sunnier days for you . . .

  2. my weeds look like they are on steroids! most of the rain missed us again.

  3. Rain is such a gift, for sure. Looks like a well-rounded day!

  4. I bet Daphne is wondering....Why did she post that pic?!?!...Glad you showed the pic of all the produce in the pot...I wondered how you would cook a little bit of everything. It looks so scrumptious and the homegrown chicken to go with it..couldn't get any better.

    1. I honestly don't use any water to cook any veggies....I don't boil or steam, etc. I always just sauté whatever comes out of the garden in a little olive oil. Usually we just have a big pan of vegetable hodgepodge to go with dinner. We eat a lot of veggies!

  5. I was sure wondering what you did with those beans before you posted the veggie stir fry. My small garden is pretty sad this year. After a bad start of hens raiding, replanting, slow growing, geez! Are those beans climbers or a bush type? Poor Daphne, sometimes a camera isn't a girls best friend! Enjoy your day!

  6. your veggies just look scrumptious and I am sure they were delicious. Have given up growing any as the woodchucks are just too numerous and I don't want to grow a buffet for them anymore.. Growing some tomatoes in my greenhouse but like last year very little progress. We do have some wild raspberries tried them yesterday still a bit sour. Yes we are being deluged, probably the same today as you said no watering chores something good after all.

    Annie v.

  7. First off, I am very, very, very jealous of your rain. Those vegetables look so darn good! I do love making homemade jam, especially the jalapeno kind. Have a great week!

  8. You have been sharing your rain with us for the past three days. So glad I don't have to water. I'm beginning to feel like a mushroom. Your dinner looks yummy. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

  9. Weeds, I hate weeds! In fact I'm heading out there right now! Your garden looks beautiful as always. And that pan of veggies looks amazing!

  10. Oh dinner looks so good and how pretty it looks too.
    We've been having quite a lot of rain here as well.
    Friday we drove through PA on the way to a wedding in NJ. I kept thinking of you and your farm. We were on 78. Any where near you at all?

    1. Route 78 is north and east of us. We are in the very center of the state. Hope you had a great weekend at the wedding. My son and daughter-in-law also attended a wedding in Jersey.....wouldn't it be funny if it were the same wedding!!

    2. Yes, wouldn't it!! The one I went to was in Clinton at Jack's Barn.


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