Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Randomness Continues

First, I'd like to wish you Happy July!!

I think perhaps the theme of this entire week might be completely random.
You see, as I go about my work around the farm each day,
a lot of little things catch my eye and I think of sharing them with you.

If you were with me as I work, I would say...
"Look there...look at that...isn't that amazing?"

So, today I am going to do just that...
take you with me and share all of the random beauty that reveals itself as I go.

We are going to head out to the back side of the farm for a little tour
and a little blueberry picking.
But before that, we need to walk down our long driveway to the mailbox.
I am hoping that some jewelry findings have arrived.

As I open the mailbox to find today's delivery,
I notice that the outhouse lilies have begun to bloom beside the driveway....

and across the road, pink, wild, climbing roses are covering the rock wall.
Lovely, I think.

So let's head past the barn and the garden...

I'd like to show you another part of the farm.

I cut enough zinnias and a sunflower for a vase in the kitchen.

Last stop for this trip is the blueberry patch.

About 5 or 6 years ago we planted 100 blueberry bushes.
There are four rows of 25 plants...each row a different variety that ripens at a slightly different time.

This week the first row has started to ripen and desperately needs to be picked.

Twenty five bushes later, here is our first harvest.

These bushes will be ready to pick again in a day or two.
I see lots of blueberry jam in our future!
(as well as lots of blueberries in our freezer)


  1. Amazing to follow along and see everything . . . Love the pumpkin patch . . . I hope it continues to thrive! The Zinnias are such a pretty cut flower . . .
    Really like your Grey barns . . .
    Tickled by your comment, "Outhouse Lilies!" I have a patch of them surrounding my huge old oak tree which has a beautiful Bittersweet vine wrapped around, through, in and out . . .
    Liked your tour and the video . . .

  2. The farm tour was great. Gives a better perspective on the terrain and proximity of your farm. The new garden space is lovely. Do you use the landscape cloth for weed control or to keep the ground moist or for some other reason this very black thumb gardener wouldn't know?

    1. All of the above, Candice....but mostly weeds. With our moist climate, we have a great propensity for growing weeds....and I just don't have the time to weed all of the garden areas....so for this one, I opted for the cloth.

    2. The tour of the farm was just great! Felt like I was there with you walking through the property.

      Do you saute your squash blossoms? Is it ok to remove them from the squash/zucchini before it's ready to harvest? That seems to be the time when the blossoms look the freshest. I didn't want to pick them too early.

  3. Enjoyed my walk this morning and I'm not even winded!! Look at all those blueberries. The birds got most of mine this year, didn't get netting on in time. Looks like your weather is perfect so enjoy your day in the garden, Hugs!

  4. i really enjoyed the tour! what a wonderful garden. and the pumpkins just made me smile and smile!

  5. hmmmm...my comment disappeared. i loved this tour! everything is so beautiful! the pumpkins really made me smile!

  6. Hi Bev, everything looks great and I really enjoyed the video tour. I do have one question. How difficult is it to use the landscape cloth? Do you dig all your holes first and then cut the cloth and plant? I have now idea, but I do know that I like the idea of less weeding! Thank you.

  7. Wow! How many blueberries do you get from 100 bushes? I mean, I am not looking for an actual count, but I just planted 5 bushes and wonder who much to expect from them. What do you do with all those berries? They are making my mouth water!

  8. Wow, you are going to be one healthy family with all those blueberries. Blueberry shakes, blueberry pies. I am not thinking so healthy I guess. My zinnias don't look like that. The more I see the flowers that get any sort of humidity, the more I loathe my garden this year. I want to rip everything out and just start from seed and see what pops up for fall. It was 108 here yesterday and by the time I went to bed it was still 88 at 10pm. Oh, well this too shall pass.

  9. It's hard to remember all of that randomness but I'm going to try. I never heard those lilies called out house lilies before. I learned something today. The roses are lovely. It looks like you managed to get net over all the blueberry bushes. Good job. The blueberries look wonderful. Fat and juicy. Have a great day.

  10. Lucky you... my Sunflowers have not opened up yet... and the Woodpeekers and Jack Sparrows are becoming a big 'pain in the Bark'... they are being a poop and eating our plums,,, now that being said, I just saw 2 doves fly into our plum tree as I sit here watching... The Doves, I am ok with... lol!

  11. Those blueberries look so tasty! How on earth do you keep the critters from destroying them?

    We only have 2 acres and the grasshoppers are absolutely killing e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. They've destroyed our flowers, the vegetable garden, the newly planted trees. It's out of control.

  12. An American in TokyoJuly 8, 2014 at 6:44 PM

    Yum! Fresh blueberries!


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