Monday, July 7, 2014

The Many Faces of Sammy

I get so many comments about our Sammy.
Apparently, old Sammy has you all fooled with that innocent face.

Don't let his expression fool you...
behind that mask, he is a dog of many faces.

He is lover and fighter, extreme athlete and couch potato,
gentle caretaker and fierce hunter.
He is friend to all and the best therapist you could want.

Yesterday, while weeding in the garden, I noticed Sam with full attention
to a patch of weeds surrounding the wisteria vine.

He held perfectly still, sniffing the weeds for the longest time.

I had my suspicions as to what held his focus.
Earlier, I had discovered this empty bunny nest amongst my onions.

But then, if you have read my blog for any length of time,
you might remember that I have found all sorts of critters in my garden...
ie: one young porcupine that had to be relocated.

Afraid of what I might find if I dug into the bramble,
I allowed the scene to play itself out.
Sammy continued to hold his gaze.
And then, at just the right moment, dove headlong into the weeds.

A high pitched cry was muffled by his soft mouth and he backed out of the thicket,
with a tiny ball of screaming fur in his mouth.

"Drop it!" I cried...
and out of his mouth dropped a tiny bunny.

"Leave it" was my next command...
and the bunny hopped beneath the garden fence and out into the grass.

Lying very very low, he tried to hide himself in the grass.

With Sammy sitting at a safe distance, I got as low in the grass as I could,
and started clicking my camera shutter.

Bunnies are one critter we really don't need any more of...
especially in the garden.

But, I just can't stand the thought of Sammy hurting an innocent and harmless soul like this.'s only a baby.
Life is hard enough for these wildlings , without the dogs hunting them!

Let's keep a good thought...
perhaps Sammy had intended just to play with this little one.
In the end, I put him back in the garden and locked the gates.
For now, this little one is safe and Sammy has found another playmate!


  1. I think Sammy only wanted a friend as he picked her up with a gentle mouth. I really thought there was a skunk, snake, raccoon or porcupine in there. Glad for Sammy it was a bunny. And glad for me not to have to see a picture of a S-N-A-K-E!! Have a great day.

  2. lets just say that sammy is a much better listener than teddy is. that would have been one dead bunny if teddy had found it!

  3. I recently rescued a squealing baby bunny from one of my cats. Like you, I can't bear to see any living creature come to harm. Sammy was a very good boy to drop it on command. He seems to be a very smart doggie!


  4. Great close-up photos of the bunny. Sammy is such a good boy to listen to your commands even when there's something as exciting as a bunny to chase...uh, I mean play with! Good boy, Sammy.

  5. Aw, so sweet. I'm sure his intentions were good. ;0)

  6. What a dear little bunny. Couldn't you just eat them up. Not literally. Great pictures ! Hope he grows up. Sammy was a good dog. Another hot one. Have a good day. Love you.

  7. The first time I heard the sound of a baby bunny screaming, I was astounded! I had always thought they were 'voiceless'. I know exactly how you feel---you have too many of them, but they're so darned cute.

  8. I looove Sammy!!! He's just misunderstood. 😉

  9. Well, my story did not end as well.. needless to say.. the little bunny in my yard is not longer the little bunny in my yard.. I did not make it to rescue him/her in time....:( Sammy reminds me of the dog in the movie classic.."Old Yeller". Have you seen that one? I guess it is just part of life.....some bunnies make it..some do not..:( Still our pets are family. We still love them.. Have a great week! Blessings!

  10. Just like our Miggs . Cute little bunny we had lots in the beginning but the family of fox we have around the rivers edge have kept them down this summer ! Wonderful photos . thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. We have a few regular bunny visitors, too. Not nearly as many as we had before we moved here, but a few. Two babies and an older one. Most nights the older bunny sleeps inside our backyard fence. Lol!

    Smart thing if ya ask me. I think it feels safer from the coyotes there.


  12. Sammy sure did listen to your commands though . . .
    I watched a cat attack a baby bunny last summer . . . I did not like it one bit and went screaming across the lawn yelling "no, no, no" and "drop it . . . NOW". Finally I won but I wonder how long!


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