Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth, Farm Friends!

Yesterday I mentioned how humid our weather is right now.
This is a morning illustration of that humidity.

By evening it looks like this...

the moisture having fed the clouds.

And if we are lucky, those clouds then dump a little rainfall back on us
in the form of a thunderstorm.
I'm not too keen on the humidity; but, oh, how the rain makes life easier!

I had some farm help yesterday.  
Hunter visited with me and helped with some chores while his Pappy Sam
helped with the mowing.

Sam (the dog) loves kids and stuck to Hunter like glue.

Hunter called the horses is with their dinner bell,

and then helped by feeding the donkeys.

All of our animals are gentle with children...
 ("Stand very still so that you don't frighten them," is what I always say.)

We visit Ginger and MaryAnn for a little belly rubbing session, too.

Even with all of the farm animal fun, I believe that the most memorable moment
for Hunter was beating me on Hubbs' foosball table!

Hunter helped pick a quart of blueberries to take home to his Pappy and Nanie.
And while we were there, we noticed a rather large infestation of Japanese Beetles.
Needless to say, the traps went up in a hurry.
Hopefully I can attract the beetles with bait and get them off my blueberries!
Danged pests!
It seems we are always trying to keep a harmonious balance between
farm and nature.
Sometimes we win...and sometimes we lose.

I wanted to show you the best view of our vegetable garden...

taken from the hayloft of the barn.

For those of you who may have expressed concern about Minerva May Honeycut...
she is still tending garden and keeping the pests away.
Yup, that's her out in the middle of the garden.
I am sad to say, however, that Minerva missed her spa vacation last winter...
she was snowed in.
She is looking forward to a complete makeover this coming winter.

By the way...Happy Fourth of July!
How are you celebrating? Picnic? Fireworks? Carnival? Quiet day at home?
Tell me about your plans!


  1. you have the perfect garden! our humidity finally broke and it is going to be nice for a day or two, what a relief. we aren't doing anything special. the guys have baseball game and i will hideout inside away from the massive crowd and noise. i don't like fireworks. have a great 4th!

  2. Always nice to have some help. Beautiful picture of your garden. We have not had any of this rain. Hope you have a happy fourth. I'm going up the street for hamburger. Hugs

  3. What a beautiful garden photo, it could be a postcard for Country Living! I'll bet Hunter had a blast helping out on the farm feeding the animals.

    For us, it's all been moved to the 5th, courtsey of Hurricane Arthur! Enjoy your day.

  4. Hunter looks like he is enjoying being your helper!
    Bring on the rains, (not today) so helpful to the gardens.
    Those Japanese Beatles are the worst PESTS!
    Love seeing the gardens from the hay lft!
    Happy 4th!

  5. Love that beautiful view from the hayloft! Your garden looks magical! Have a fun fourth....I am just relaxing at home with Dash and my 3 girls and my three hens and one rooster ( I got 3 roosters in 6 chicks.)

  6. What a nice helper you have! We finally had rain yesterday after a few weeks without. The garden has needed hand watering most of the month of June. Hopefully July will be a bit wetter. Your garden is so amazingly gorgeous and well laid out... I am jealous. xox Enjoy your Fourth of July!

  7. Hello and Happy Fourth!! I discovered your wonderful blog earlier this year, so I'm a bit of a newcomer, but I feel as if I'm already a friend because your daily posts are like a chat over the backyard fence :-) I needed to finally comment to tell you this and to thank you for making my mornings brighter! Ginger and MaryAnn are so fun to watch getting their belly rubs! I love watching everything you do on the farm, wish I had the energy that you do!! Our 4th will be grilled burgers and hotdogs, potato salad and, of course, a huge fresh water melon from the local curb market!

    Have a fun day,
    Liz in Mississippi (I hear you about the humidity..hahaha!)

  8. Yeah, humidity in the summer isn't a joy. (I'm in Texas, so I'm on very familiar terms with it). It does make for some nice photo opportunities in the mornings though, but of course the camera lens fogs up instantly, making photos a no-go. (Unless taken from inside).

    We're in desperate need of rain here, and last night we almost got some. Almost. Still, it did cool things down for a bit and the dogs and I had a blast playing outside in it for a change. (Well, Maddie and Izzy sat in the gazebo and soaked it all in while Abby and I tossed rocks across the yard). Even without the rain, it was a nice evening!

    Love your blog by the way. It's still my favorite.

  9. What a beautiful photo of your garden Beverly... Love the photos with Hunter. Happy fourth!

  10. We are having a quiet day at home. I like these days! Give me a chance to get things done and love on all of my furry babies.

  11. So nice to have helpers on the farm, eh? I'm sure the animals loved having him around.
    Your garden is so picturesque.
    Too humid here to do anything outside. We always watch "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and eat chili for supper.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. love the pictures and that was wonderful of Hunter to help out so.

  13. I am always amazed at how much you accomplish in a day!! You are a marvel and your farm beautifully bucolic.

  14. Your garden is gorgeous! What a beautiful view. Thanks for always sharing your life with us.


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