Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Well, Hello There!

Sitting by the pond watching this...

has become a favorite pastime of mine.

Sitting on the bank of the pond I was aware of a presence in the water to my left.
I looked over and saw these two...

Well, hello there!
Before I knew it, there were three...

and four...

and five...

and six...

(now an orange one joins the group)
and then there were seven...

and another (orange)

and number nine (orange, as well)...

This is a pretty amazing sight.
You see, 15 or so years ago our friends Jim and Kathy threw two tiny goldfish
(won at a carnival) into the pond.

And for years after that we would see an increasing number of goldfish...
soon in every imaginable size.

Then the fish began to mutate...
white ones began to appear.

I have no idea how old these large carp are...
or how many generations of fish we have had from those two tiny goldfish.
Isn't nature absolutely amazing?


  1. those are some big fish! i wonder if it is true that they grow according to how big the pond is. now that i typed this it seems stupid. we have had ours about 5 years and they are half the size of yours.

  2. Some of them look suspiciously like Koi. Are you sure no one has been supplementing the fishies in the pond?...

    1. I swear....these are children's children of two tiny goldfishes!!!

  3. That's so amazing! All from 2 tiny little goldfish? Incredible. These fish are beautiful.

  4. Wow, that is so amazing! Those gold ones are just gorgeous!

  5. I hope you're feeding the fish. They are big enough to eat ducklings and will absolutely do it if they are hungry.

  6. Your ducklings are getting tall...Goldfish multiply like rabbits..They crashed my pond one year..(too many for 150 gal of water)..Looks like they're hungry...strange markings..Are your other animals missing you??

  7. Bev,
    They are beautiful! Yes, they will grow to according to the size of their environment.. Years ago my husband and I built a large pond... We bought 2 koi and 5 goldfish because of the expense of the Koi.
    The Koi did not make it, the goldfish did, and grew quite large.. They looked much like this orange one.
    I am happy they have a pond to swim in... Much better than a fish bowl.

  8. Wonderful post . Goldfish grow to the their environment the bigger the waters the bigger the fish and they change colour due to the algae and plants that are in the water ! Thanks for sharing , Have good day !

  9. What a cool post! Thank you so much for sharing. This is amazing. I am beginning to understand that if we just relax and let nature do her thing, the default mode is always balance and beauty. Those fish are excellent examples of that.

  10. Those are SOME GOLDFISH! When I was in high school, I bought 3 fancy goldfish & put them in a 5 gal. aquarium. They quickly outgrew the 5, 10 & 15 gallon tanks & were living in a 20 gallon tank when a terrible thing happened.. The 3 fish named Sven (white bubblehead) & the Goldie Girls (orange fancytails). One morning, I went to feed the fish and found only a very fat Sven was in the tank. That was when I learned that when fish sense that their environment is stress from crowding they will cannibalize other fish to ...ummm make more room for themselves. I plopped the killer in a plastic bag & returned him to the fish store. Luckily, your carp have lots of room in the pond, but, I do worry about those cute little ducklings swimming in the pond with the carp prowling for food just beneath them. I know it seems like something that could never happen, but those fish are carpable of treacherous deeds.

  11. Thank you Beverly! I am so happy you enjoyed viewing little Abby... I appreciate you visits...Always a treat.


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