Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Land Spreading Out So Far And Wide....

Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside!

Hubbs and I often sing the old "Green Acres" song...
only I'm singing the Eddie Albert part and he's singing Eva Gabor!

There's something about the country... the smells, the sights, the peace and quiet...
that I wouldn't trade for the world.

I have gotten so spoiled living here in rural Pennsylvania...
no traffic lights, no traffic.

Running errands takes me past some of the most quaint scenes...

And nothing makes my heart skip a beat quite like the sight of an old tractor!

We live in Amish country...but I'm sure you have already figured that out.
The countryside is dotted with beautiful farms.
Rolling hills and woods abound.

One of my favorite errands is a trip to an Amish tomato farm.
They grow their tomatoes in a heated hoop house...
planting the vines in the soil in the middle of winter.
By May 1st, fresh homegrown tomatoes are for sale in their little roadside stand.
Their tomatoes finish just around the time that mine come into the garden.
So, we have juicy fresh tomatoes for 6 months of the year.

The availability of fresh produce is perhaps the greatest benefit of living
in the country...
not to mention the ability to grow our own!

I thought you might like a duckling update...

The ducklings that remain are all doing well and growing quickly.
But sadly, there are only 7 remaining ducklings.

It seems our fox population has been prowling around the pond.

Well, today is supposed to be a rainy day....
seems like the perfect day to pull weeds in the vegetable garden.
I just can't decide if I should wear a swimsuit or rain gear!


  1. i am going into amish country this weekend and i am going to look and see if i can find fresh tomatoes. what a great idea. that's so sad about the ducks but i guess it is survival of the fittest.

  2. Beautiful post and photos ! I am a country bumpkin was born into it on a farm , raised and will remain in the country till the good lord says my time is up ! Nothing like the country . I love Amish country and we have lots of it around us here to ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day now ya hear !

  3. Re: Swimsuit/raingear. Wear both. That way if you get too hot, you can shed the rain gear and still be good to go. :)

  4. What some pretty countryside. Yep, rural Penn. is on my bucket list! Someday, someday! Enjoy your green Acres!

  5. we have a fox which sometime makes a n appearance in the evening crossing our front lawn, he is taking care of our chipmunk overpopulation !!!!

    Annie v.

  6. I'm a country girl too ! Love it

  7. To have tomatoes 6 months out of the year is fabulous!!!! Our tomatoes look great but it will be quite a while before they will be ripe for eating. We do pass by some Amish places on the way to our daughter's cottage. We have bought veggies from them and they are so good. Enjoy your days!

  8. Such a peaceful life you live. You might be more active than I am, having a whole farm to care for but I'd see that as peaceful. Being a caretaker for animals seems like a life I could live. :-)

  9. You reminded me today why I keep working at this country life. Well done. Pam Retired Nurse in Gold Hill, Oregon

  10. Gorgeous countryside you live in . . . I prefer it to cityscapes too!
    (Although a city visit is fun once in awhile!)


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