Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy News

Sound the bells, light the sparklers, throw the confetti!!
We have something worth celebrating.

There is much commotion at the duck pond.
Mrs. Waddlington has finally hatched out her eggs.

Yesterday as the flock waited patiently on the banks of the pond,
Mrs. Waddlington was busy discarding used egg shells and keeping her newly hatched
brood safe and warm.

By late afternoon, it was apparent that she had more charges than she had room for.
Ducklings of assorted colors were spilling out of the nest..
"peep-peep-peeping" their hello to the waiting world.

Seeing me at the door of the duck hut with camera in hand,
Mrs. Waddlington got off the nest to issue a warning.
"Stay away from the babies!" she quacked emphatically.

A second later the duck hut was bedlam, with 16 yellow, black, and mixed ducklings
scampering all over and Mrs. Waddlington doing her best to round them all up again.

In the next few days she will introduce her brood to the pond
and I will have lots of stories to share with you.

There's nothing cuter than a brood of tiny ducklings as they learn to swim!
Stay tuned....


  1. She will be a very busy Mama! So cute!


  2. How adorable! Looking forward to more pictures. Everything is so nice and green. Just love this time of year.

  3. awwww...they are so cute. i can't wait to see them swim!

  4. I remember "my " Mallard ducklings went straight from egg to my pond..It was only a matter of ten minutes or so..Then within the hour they were herded down to the "big water"... Such fun..Miss those days..Enjoy

  5. Oh my gosh, there is nothing cuter than a duckling. I have raised a few in my time. So precious. She sure had a big batch! Can't wait to see the swim pictures. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Wonderful news and what a hatch!!!

  7. They are so cute and there are so many of them! :)

  8. How exciting! We're expecting our first duckling hatch in just over a week.

  9. So exciting! Congrats to Mrs. W!

  10. Oh that is so cool. I certainly look forward to hearing about their adventures. : )

  11. WOOHOO !! cute little things , Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  12. much fun to see a group of newborn ducklings!!!! I'm sure she will be a great Mama!

  13. Oh my goodness! Call the home builder, she's gonna need a bigger space. TDC... too darn cute!!!

  14. That's so cool! She will be busy, indeed. That's a lot of chicks to hatch out. I hope it's gonna be nice and warm to make her job a little easier...

  15. "AAAaawwwww," pretty much sums it up. :)


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