Friday, June 13, 2014

And Then There Were Fourteen

A week of rain has made outside work next to impossible.
I did manage to get in an hour of weeding yesterday and completely cleaned up my 
asparagus patch.

On my way to the garden, I stopped by the pond...

a head count yielded 14 ducklings...

down by two.

I suppose this is to be expected as the pond is next to the woods
and there are so many predators around.
I found one of the baby ducks on the bank of the pond...
no obvious injuries.
That will remain a mystery.
The other...vanished.
We do our best to protect our friends, but nature is harsh.
Thankfully, ducklings grow rather quickly!

One thing I have learned in my time with the animals is:
they love routine... they even look forward to the special little times in each day.
For example...

Ginger and MaryAnn love my visits to the pigpen.
And MaryAnn's favorite daily tradition is to take a long swig of water from
the watering can after I have filled up their water tubs.

Isn't MaryAnn's little tongue adorable as she drinks!

Annie is another example.
Each morning and afternoon, as I head out to do chores...
she accompanies me on the gator.
She sits up so nice and stays in her seat while I tend to the animals.
It's a routine... and I think she looks forward to it.

Well, the weekend is upon us.
The preparations for the wedding shower are almost complete.
I will take lots of pictures and share with you on Monday.
We are to have stellar weather all weekend...
a welcomed break from this week's rain.

Look how beautiful the flowers, especially the begonias, are from all this rain....

Have a lovely weekend...and thanks so much for checking in on us here on the farm.


  1. your place looks wonderful! you sure lucked out with the weekend weather! animals sure do love routine. teddy let's me know if i am off by a minute! have a great time this weekend!!!

  2. Enjoy your day . . . Happy Shower treats for the bride to be . . .

  3. So sorry about the nature duckling happening . . .

  4. Sorry about your duckling loss..Hope that's the end of it..All this rain has been great for growing..I have one begonia plant..It's gorgeous even though it's under cover a bit..Must be the humidity..Have a fun weekend !!

  5. You may have to set lines and catch a nasty old turtle in that pond. We have to do it every spring. They're eating our fish and the wild mallards have quit nesting near the pond and we think that's why. We've caught two so far this year. They'll catch, drown and eat all the ducklings and goslings in the pond.

  6. Those flowers look amazing . X

  7. Poor duckies. But you are so right, nature is harsh. Your flowers are so pretty. My nasturtium's do not look like yours. I am going to yank them out this weekend. Out here in dried up California, well that is what my nasturtiums look like....dried up like popcorn. UGGH. This is why I have to retire where there is humidity...for the love of nasturtiums! Have a great bridal shower and weekend.

  8. My, your place looks gorgeous! Sorry about the two duckling but such is nature, I guess!

  9. An American in TokyoJune 23, 2014 at 8:07 PM

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading it whenever I can!
    Your posts really make my day, especially since I was born and raised a city girl and know NOTHING about farming and taking care of animals! Your two girls here are so cute!

    One question, do pigs really have curly tails? It's been so long since I've seen an actual pig up close, I have forgotten what their cutie little tails look like! Maybe you could show me/us? Please? =)


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