Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rain Delay

Farm life is experiencing a brief rain delay.
Sadly, I just don't have much of anything interesting to share with you.
I promise, it's coming....just not while we are on rain delay.

Although we venture out for the necessities of animal care,
we are spending our days indoors while it pours and pours.

The good news is...
the grass is getting greener,
everything is beginning to flower,
and the leaves are starting to emerge.

And so, we use this brief respite to rest up a bit before the flurry of activity 
that will occur when the sun comes out.

Unfortunately, this weather makes for a very restless puppy.
Annie is at that stage where she needs tons of exercise.

When the rain slows to a drizzle, we head out of doors with Sam and Oakley
and our tennis balls for some fetch.

Annie is off leash now most all of the time.
She has been a model citizen.

She idolizes Oakley, and they have learned to share in the game of fetch...
each taking subsequent turns chasing the ball.

When it is Oakley's turn, however, Annie chases along behind him...
which is great, because this gives her double the exercise.

As for the rest of the animals on the farm...
they are all patiently waiting for the sun to re-emerge.
Hopefully this will happen tomorrow.
And then the garden work resumes.

In the mean time, I am finishing up a couple knitting projects...
like this summer scarf (my second) knit from cotton/cashmere blend.

It's light weight, has a great drape, and is perfect to dress up a colored t-shirt.

The rain is to stop today....hurray!!!
Hopefully the animals will return to their usually shenanigans.


  1. Lovely photos ! Annie fits in just perfectly there ! Yup fog here again this morning but to burn off later and be a nice sunny day ! All the rain has greened and thickened up the grass and buds on trees and bushes are so close to popping and all is a new ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Good morning. Rainy days are nice once in a while...inside chores that need to be done and knitting can still be done and you don't feel guilty about doing them because you feel you should be outside. Annie and Oakley are quite the team. The scarf is beautiful and it looks great with the top you have on. Rainy here today so a little housework is in order then back to my crazy quilt. I'm embroidering some of it with the stitches that my grandmother used to use...feather stitch...but I call it the chicken feet stitch! My stitches aren't as perfect as her were but hopefully with practice it will only get better. As always, you take care.

  3. Send a bit of that rain our way please!
    Happy knitting!

  4. Great post! WE got rain, but not the deluge they predicted. Hope you guys don't get too soggy.....

  5. i am on rain delay too. it is dark here now and not raining but more is on the way. teddy lays right in the door staring outside. stay dry and knit more! on the plus side, everything is bursting out now!

  6. Out here in OR we tend to do the rain, rain go away dance quite often. We've been having wonderful warm days. It's been in the mid eighties and I'm loving it. Our rain is to return over the weekend, darn! But while it last I've spent every free second outside in the yard.

  7. Annie is doing so well.. What a good puppy she is... It looks as if she has developed quite a bond with Oakley.
    Have a great day

  8. Thank goodness there is always plenty to do inside, too. I love that scarf - would you share the source of the pattern? Nice colors, too!

  9. First time I have seen the turkeys. I always enjoy seeing your creatures.


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