Monday, April 14, 2014

Prelude to Summer

After every weekend, I am always so excited to sit down and chat with you...
so many stories...
so much to share!

We were treated to an absolutely gorgeous weekend on the farm.
Temps in the 70's on Saturday and 80's on Sunday
gave us the opportunity to finish a lot of Spring chores.

Sunday morning we awoke at 5 AM.   By 5:30 I was in the shower getting ready for the day.

Suddenly, our world was plunged into darkness...
the power was out!
Ordinarily this is no problem, 
we have a large generator that kicks in when the power goes out.
However with 40 new chicks and no functioning heat lamp...
we had to hustle to get warmth to our tiny charges.

Hubbs went to the barn to get the small generator.
Unfortunately, we could not get it started.
An extension cord from the house down the driveway solved the problem.

Later in the day we built a fire in the brick pizza oven 

and had our first homemade pizzas of the year.
Amanda had asked some friends to stop by at the farm...

giving us the perfect opportunity to socialize our pup, Annie.

Of course all the dogs benefit from guests!

They are always a part of the fun.

Last week, Amanda brought home new flyers that she designed for her job.
You might notice that the photos on the flyers feature Jenn and Tyler...and Grammie too!

These will be featured on billboards in northern PA, also.


  1. annie looks like she enjoyed the company! those fliers are great! we will be in the single digits, wind chill, tomorrow with snow. time to cover everything here!

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all!

  3. Good morning. Have Great week!!

  4. Do you know why the power went out on such a nice day?
    Up on a billboard? How cool!
    I love the pic of the girls and the dogs. So happy!

  5. I always enjoy your weekend updates . . . Love your new Annie pup . . .

  6. Looks like a great weekend to me!! Great flyers and great puppy fun! Hugs!!

  7. Glad you had a fun weekend...Gonna get cold again..20's T/W nights..Can't wait to see you on a billboard !!!

  8. What a great weekend Beverly! The glasses... What a hoot..

  9. I love the ad with you and your family. The message is awesome and of course you are all natural born stars!
    Good to know the baby chicks will be okay and it is about time you all have a nice spring weekend with temperatures we have had for quite some time now...since Christmas. (Not really, but it feels like it) Have a wonderful week.

  10. Wonderful photos . I am glad you got the generator going . Wonderful flyers . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. so happy you all had a wonderfully warm Spring weekend.. I could actually smell Jasmine wafting on the gentle breeze this weekend.. ahhh, I can almost still smell them...hugz...


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