Friday, April 4, 2014

Porcine Pedicurist

On any given day, on the farm, I wear many hats...
gardener, animal caretaker, landscaper, feedboy, 
handyman, groomer, cook, laundress, housekeeper...
too many to count.

Yesterday I donned my piggy pedicurist hat,
and headed into the pig yard.

The grass had dried from earlier rains,
so I settled into a dry patch of hay and waited.

Eventually MaryAnn decided to settle down for a nap.
With me rubbing her belly, she quickly fell asleep.

While MaryAnn sleeps, I take each foot and carefully trim her hooves.

She's used to me fussing with her when she sleeps.
I usually clean the crusty exudate from the corners of her eyes
and the cracks of her snout.

I love the fact that these girls are so comfortable in their life that they
allow me to do just about anything for them...
all the while sleeping!


We have one more sure sign of spring here on the farm...

duck eggs!

Our lady quackers only lay eggs in the spring and early summer,
so this is a welcomed sight indeed!

I am heading to town today to pick up Tyler and bring him back to the farm
for the weekend.
I am sure we will have a blast!

Hope your weekend is terrific, too.
Let's compare notes on Monday!
(I want to hear how you filled your weekend!)


  1. why can't teddy be as peaceful as your piggies? i bet tyler is in for a great weekend! the storm is almost here!

  2. I'm so jealous! The last time the vet tried to trim my piggy's hooves it was a nightmare :-( We've got rain in the forecast so I'm looking forward to some sewing time!

  3. Talk about a trusting pig! I think we can tell she has had many hours of belly rubs!! Rain for us this weekend but plan to take in a tulip festive. Love, love fields of tulips!! I'm sure you and Tyler will have a blast! Hugs!!

  4. It must be wonderful to go to sleep in a typical piggie condition and wake up ready for the prom...Lucky pigs..Have a wonderful weekend with Tyler..I know it will be fun for all of you..xxoo

  5. Oh aren't they peaceful and cute sleeping! Nice that they let you do that. Although we're supposed to have some rain this weekend, I hope to work in the yard tomorrow moving my raised bed veggie gardens from the front to the back yard (not enough sun in front anymore) and on Sunday going to my daughter's (she's an organic farmer) second annual Farm to Table Spring Tonic dinner. Can't wait!

  6. Have a wonderful weekend. The picture of Maryann and you holding those huge toenail clippers remind me of something....this passed Monday I was in the dentist's chair for a root canal. It never fails....I always fall asleep without any type of medicine (except nova cane). I am that relaxed. I guess I trust my dentist whole heartedly and Maryann certainly trusts you.

  7. A bunch of trust going on there! Enjoy the little munchkin this weekend!

  8. That is some nail clipper! : )
    If I were an animal l would sure like to live on your farm!!

  9. You are such a good Mommie....and grandma!!


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