Thursday, April 10, 2014

I have to share this with you.

Significant green...finally here!
The trees and bushes are beginning to bud...
it won't be long now until everything is bursting into bloom.

This little girl

took her first long walk on the farm yesterday.

We walked past the pigs.

Ok, we ran past the pigs (a little scared).

We made it the whole way to the garden,

where she settled down into my jacket and waited for me while I planted
radishes, spinach, lettuce,


and sugar peas.
Look at the rhubarb! 

It won't be long until the whole garden is full of edible goodness.

There are so many sights and smells for a little one to take in...
positively fascinating!
The farm world is a really big place with so much to learn about.
We will take it slowly and let Annie gain confidence.

Sam and Oakley came along on our walk...

and Oakley played fetch for a while (his absolute favorite thing!)

My new pumpkin patch is finally tilled...

and I have begun cutting pickets for the garden gate for that patch.

This gate will have pickets that are a combination of flower pots and bunnies.
A fence around this area will be necessary to keep rogue chicken gardeners from
turning my world upside down!

And to Joyce F. who asked how chicks play....

Sit and watch a batch of chicklets some time...
they run, play tag, leap frog, and hide and seek.
Really, they do!
And perhaps you might see them involved in all sorts of make believe!
Whatever it is they are doing, it is certainly joyful...
that is until I enter the house, and then they scramble...
scared out of their little minds!


  1. Yay! So happy spring found its way to you! What a cute pup!

  2. i can't wait to see your fence! and a pumpkin patch? my dream come true! annie has so much to learn. i bet the piggy girls can't wait to meet her.

  3. Annie's first Springtime adventure! Maybe next time she will be brave enough to meet those scary piggies!
    Your garden is looking good... I bet it felt great to play in the dirt!


  4. Spring and Summer are definitely your time of year, Bev. Look forward to the bounty that is your garden. Annie pictures are great! Keep 'em coming. Having recently rescued two young dogs ourselves, we enjoy watching while they play for hours every day! You have a very cute little girl there.

  5. We planted a week or so ago, but we are further south than you... already have teensy lettuce popping up! Can't wait for fresh lettuce. Oh how we have missed it over the winter months. Hope Annie is having fun and will soon get to know all of the critters on the farm. xox

  6. Thanks for a simply joyful post this morning. Working out in the garden sure is fun this time of the year. Enjoy your day! Hugs!!

  7. Lovely pictures, it is such a treat for me to settle in with a coffee and read your latest post. Your new little rescue, Annie, has such beautiful, soulful eyes, she is going to be a wonderful addition to the farm. I do have a question about your roosters and chickens..... every spring the new chicks arrive but you don't seem to have your own? I see free run roosters and hens with no fencing..... Growing up as a kid when we visited my aunt's farm the were always kept separate and she sold her eggs too. What's up, or am I a dumb city slicker? Patty

  8. What a happy post..Yay..Maybe spring is really here..You sure got a lot done..So glad Annie could keep you company..Won't be long til the pigs are afraid of her..Have a happy day..It's a pretty one..

  9. Those fences are a Charm. Enter them into Thursdays good fences.

    Entry host The runaround range report. by our sweet lady Tex.

    Oh it looks so nice and green. ya!

  10. Love the fence picket and the photo bomber too! Annie is quite adorable.

  11. What a great idea for the pickets!!! I love them!!!

  12. So glad that your Annie is learning her way around the farm. I can see that she has relaxed a bit. Her eyes are not nearly as panic stricken as they looked in the weekend photos. I noticed she has some pretty good sized feet. Is that any indication of how big she'll eventually be? Well, big, small or in between, Annie is adorable. I'm sure she'll warm up to Ginger & Mary Ann as soon as she gets some confidence built up & is more familiar with the farm. You make the cutest fences I have ever seen. I would love to have a jig saw & be able to make pickets. like your or some bird houses. Your veggie starts look great & I hope you have another amazing garden this year. Oakly must have been so excited to be able to chase the ball on a sunny day outside. Bet he slept good after a good workout.

  13. Thanks for the answer to the chicken question. Indeed a surprise in that egg no one wants! Lovely day on the farm, hope it continues for you, we are all tired of winter. Patty

  14. I just went back to your first Annie post, she is a love! I'm looking forward to more of Annie's antics!


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