Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Fever...Continued

Although Spring is in the air...
winter is still on the ground.

Our farm is situated on the north side of a gradual slope,
so we retain our snow for the longest time.
As I drive through the countryside...I watch the fields emerge from beneath the snow.
But returning home....almost no grass is yet in sight!

But Spring is definitely coming.
I can feel it, and so can the animals.

In the warmth of the afternoon, we head out to do chores.
This is what happens when two call "shotgun" at the same time...
I end up with two copilots!

Temperatures in the low 60's yesterday gave me an opportunity to visit with
my "bestest" of friends...Ginger and MaryAnn.

Happy to feel the warmth of the sun, they spent quite a bit of time out of doors.

As I sat down in a dry patch of hay,
Sam and Moll came over and sat with me.

Moll is completely comfortable around the pigs...

and doesn't hesitate to lounge with them.

Sammy, on the other hand, is a little guarded.

When we first arrived, Ginger was outside, reveling in the warmth.
MaryAnn was still inside eating hay.

"Come on out here, MaryAnn!"  I called.

Within seconds, she poked her head out to say hello.

"Hello Sammy, whatcha got around your neck?" she asked.

"That's Sammy's "good boy" collar, MaryAnn.  It helps him remember to be a good boy." 
I answered....while Sammy sat (nervously) very, very still.

By the end of the afternoon, both pigs were lying in the hay...
basking in the sunshine.

Meanwhile, over in the donkeys' dry lot...

Chloe was trying to make a break for it.

"If only I could reach just a little farther, Daphne...I know I could spring us from this joint!"

Good luck with that, girls!


daisy g said...

Looks like spring is going to be showing itself soon! Enjoy!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

moll is so funny! i bet they are all glad to be outside. we are about to drop 80 degrees. it was 70 yesterday and by tomorrow morning we will be -10 windchill. all those people walking out front in shorts and flip flops will be in for a big surprise!

Lynne said...

Looks like everyone is enjoying the sunshine and they all get along.
Riding "shotgun" is a fun picture . . .

Junebug said...

Nothing better them some warmth after a long winter chill. I love that Moll, sweet kitty. Hopefully this post for I'm having a little computer problems, grrr. Hugs to you and all the tails!

R. Mac Wheeler said...

so cute

Country Gal said...

Cute post and photos ! It was a spring like day yesterday and now we are in a blizzered ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Katmom said...

luv ur co-pilots! and Chloe... the little escape artist is determined! lol!

Missy George said...

Fun "Tail" and adorable pictures Bev..Where did you ever find a dry patch of grass?..Sam looks a bit wary..Moll looks so much like Abby..Did Bobby go down to the barn??

Ellen in Oregon said...

I love how Moll is happy & so relaxed weather she is spending time with Ivanka the naked neck chicken (who is living way longer than I expected her to), Sammy who thinks being a bad boy is way more fun that being a good boy or Ginger & Mary Ann, who's charms no one can resist. What a wonderful life your animals have.
That Daphne & Chloe are too smart for their won good. They are like a couple of 6 yr. olds - you have to keep your eye on them at all times.

Karen L. Bates said...

Your sweet friends have such wonderful happy personalities! How fun for you!

Terri @ Backward B Ranch said...

Aww, Sammy looks a bit timid around the pigs.. They are so adorable!


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