Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Party Animals

It doesn't take much for us to break out the party hats and costumes!
St. Patty's Day and the fact that the snow had melted from the front pasture
was cause for celebration yesterday.

The horses and donkeys spent the morning out roaming the pasture...
in search of hidden hay piles that I had strategically placed all over the  acreage.
(There is barely anything growing there to eat at this point.)

The blue skies (temps in the 20's still) gave me the motivation 
to do a pasture clean-up.

I can only drive the gator in the front pasture when the ground is hard...
so, yesterday was the perfect opportunity to clean up the manure that had
laid buried beneath snow and ice for the past two months.

Of course, I had plenty of company.

When the work was done, it was time to party!
Red, our red-haired Irish lad picked shamrock glasses for his costume.

Ollie, of course, got wild and danced all over the dry lot.
(It might have been a little too much green beer that got him going!)

Moonbeam:  "You want me to wear what?"...
he's a party pooper!

The donkey girls never disappoint.
They are always in the mood for a dress-up party!

As for the pigs,
shamrock glasses were all MaryAnn needed to break out in song...
as she belted out "When Irish Eyes are Smiling"

and "Oh, Danny Boy...."

In answer to your question yesterday as to whether I am knitting or not....
I just finished these (my own pattern)...

and started on this (pattern picture)....

using this yarn...

(I love these colors....Mountain Goat yarn in Pinecone by Mountain Colors)


  1. Oh my, looks like your critters were in the spirit! Glad that it is thawing out up there. Your gloves are fabulous!

  2. bee haven acres sure knows how to party! that shawl is going to be gorgeous!

  3. It's a toss up which I like better...glasses or knitting!! The fingerless gloves came out so nice and I love the shawl yarn and pattern.

  4. open ground...yeah! Great pictures, as always

  5. Looks like your farm was THE place to be yesterday! ;-) Your knitting projects are wonderful, the shawl is going to be stunning!

  6. Oh how stinking cute do the party animals look! I'm just amazed they stand still for this. Can you say looovvve those gloves, swoon!!! That yarn you choose for the shawl - beautiful!! I'll be patient in waiting to see what it looks like for i know you will have many hours in. I hope it continues to warm up in your neck of the woods, Hugs!!

  7. I got a great belly laugh...I can just hear MaryAnn singing her little heart out. I love that yarn! Hopefully soon, you can put the needles away and go play in the dirt....spring is coming sometime for the East Coasters. It is in full swing here in CA. Happy Tuesday.

  8. You are very good with a crochet hook.. This is something I have never managed to do can only knit....

    Love the spirit all the animals showed..

    Annie v.

  9. Love your party story..Mary Ann is hysterical...Seems like it was a fun for all free for all..So cute..
    Great gloves..If your needles are made of wood, they must be smokin' OOXX

  10. Oh Beverly, I laughed myself silly. What a hoot!
    I think MaryAnn was the life of the party, don't you?
    Oh how I wish I had your talent for knitting... Beautiful work!

  11. I must admit, I have no idea how you do it all. Animal, garden, home care and she knits garments too!

  12. someday I will sit down and pick up my crochet hook again... but first I need to go outside and play....
    Tell Maryann I said, she has the best sence of Irish humor! lol!


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