Friday, March 28, 2014

More Answers and a Little Cuteness

Lynne asked what we do with our 3-4 dozen daily chicken eggs.
We package them up in our own labeled egg cartons, and Hubbs takes them into 
the city to sell to his colleagues.
Of course, we keep enough for our own use, also.  We are quite spoiled...
and will have chickens forever so that we have our own fresh eggs!
Nothing like fresh eggs from pastured hens!

(We have switched to recycled paper cartons since this picture was taken
a few years ago.)

Kathy from Tasmania asked if there was any romance in the future for our two Tom Turkeys,
Tom and Chuck.

These two boys seem to have a very good daily routine.
And for the most part, they get along famously.
At their age (about 5), I hesitate to add anyone new to the mix.
I would like to always have turkeys, and so when these fellows are no longer with us,
I will replace them with a couple males and females.

Mrs.Cravitz had an interest in our garden shed.

We bought this shed to house our garden tools, trug tubs, hoses, etc.
When it arrived, it was gray trimmed with white.
I just love color, so when I added the playhouse to the garden
I painted both structures to match.
(You can see the playhouse up in the upper right hand corner of the garden.)

The flower box beside the garden shed is the home of my Fairy Garden.
I will begin work on rejuvenating Fairyland as soon as the weather is warm enough
to add tiny annuals.
Each of the buckets on the ladder will be filled with flowers as well.

Thanks everyone for the questions...this was great fun for me!

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon working on cleaning up flower gardens...
removing dead growth in preparation for Spring growth.
When I finished, I took a little rest in the dry lot with the donkey girls.
Daphne had just laid down for a nap...

so I sat next to her.

Meanwhile, Chloe stood over me and nibbled on my clothes.

I cannot tell you how gentle and peaceful these two girls are!

We are quite bonded.
They let me do absolutely anything to them.

If the ground had been dryer, I would have laid down next to Daphne
 and used her for a pillow.
We could have napped together!

I wanted to show you my latest knitting project...
freshly finished.

It is a shawl.
Here it is laid out on a beach towel (being blocked) so you can see the design...
I can hardly wait for it to warm up just a little so I can wear it instead of a jacket or sweater.

Well, believe it or not, another weekend has arrived.
This is my birthday weekend,
so I will be enjoying dinner with my family on Saturday.
I hope your weekend is terrific, too!
We'll talk again on Monday.


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Just love the paint colors on that shed.

  2. Loved the Q&A, your shawl is marvelous. I knit toys and socks but have hesitated at making anything else besides a scarf. Don't know why. Happy Birthday, enjoy it!

  3. Hope you have a great birthday Bev. I bet all your furry and feathered friends will be celebrating with you!

    Love your shawl. Your knitting skills seem to be getting more and more advanced!

  4. Happy Birthday-have a great weekend!

  5. You learned to knit like that from Youtube? I'm inspired, although I went on Youtube to learn how to make neat crocket rows and I still don't get it. So maybe not!!

    1. Shelley...I learned to cast on, knit and purl from youtube videos. And then as I got into more complicated patterns, I would look at a video to learn the stitches. My Mom knits left handed, so she could never teach me. Practice, practice, practice!!

  6. Happy birthday! Love the shawl. It's perfect for springtime weather.

  7. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday day Dear Sweet Bev, Happy Birthday to you. Now you can be sooo thankful you couldn't hear me sing it!!! Have a wonderful fantastic Birthday weekend! Hugs!!

  8. Enjoy your birthday.!!! I'd sing but it would be really Baaad !! Love your shawl..It turned out great.

  9. Have a terrific Birthday, many wishes of good health and contentment for the coming year.

    Annie v.

  10. Have one awesome Birthday! I'm so grateful for you, and my coffee in the morning. Ha

  11. Happy Birthday! I so enjoy seeing your farm and animals every day - it always lifts my spirits.

  12. Hey Bev,
    It goes w/o say,,, but,,, Happy Birthday to you :>)
    and as for the 'girls'... I think Chloe & Daphne need their 'bangs' trimmed! lol!
    Oh, and for sure,,, if I was your across the pasture neighbor, I'd be on you 'egg list'...
    p.s. luv, luv, luv the shawl... you'll have to teach me to knit :>)

    Hugz & miss you! >^..^<

  13. happy birthday bev!!! the shawl is fabulous!

  14. Happy Birthday! I love your knitting--very talented!-- and those donks!

  15. Happy Birthday! Have a great day and weekend.

  16. Happy Birthday Bev!! I hope you have a lovely Spring weekend. Thanks for the Q&A's this week, it was quite fun.

  17. Happy B-Day Bev! Hope you have a wonderful celebration with your family this weekend.
    The shawl is lovely. I especially love the branching design and the way the colors run into one another like watercolors. I have sure love all the scarfs, shawl & headbands you have knitted this winter. I would love to learn how to knit, but since I have two left thumbs, I think I will stick to my quilting.
    Thank you for answering people's questions. It's always nice to learn new things about the farm. Chloe & Daphne are so sweet. They seem to accept you as just one of the girls when you hang out with them.

  18. Happy Happy Birthday . . . very!
    Thank you for answering my/our questions . . . fresh eggs daily, what a treat!

  19. What lucky co-workers your hubs has! Your shawl is beautiful, I LOVE shawls, I often wish I had one to wear in my classroom because it tends to get cool.

    A very Happy Birthday to you! My puppy Duke is 10 years old on the 29th!

  20. Happy Birthday Bev! Always enjoy your blog and especially the animals. Our Red Maple has buds starting to open. Yippee Spring is finally coming!

  21. Fairy garden???? You have fairy's in your garden? Oooh, I can't wait to see them come out from Hibernation, and visit "their" world! Thank you for highlighting your beautifully colored 'sheds'! :) Which provide color in your garden all year long!

  22. It's so wonderful to see happy, well cared for mini donkeys. :) Most of the ones I've worked with have been rescued (from some bad situation or another) and have major trust issues. Yours are lovely.


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