Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

how I love the change of seasons...
from the grays and browns of winter...
to the glorious colors of spring blooms!

Happy Spring to you!!

I wish I could tell you that these primroses are in my garden with their faces turned towards the sun,
but, alas...
they are on my windowsill....
an early birthday present.

Still, looking at them makes me feel a little warmer.

Unfortunately, it remains quite chilly outside...
and grey as grey and be!

A band of merry roos hangs out in the front yard...
in search of anything edible.
One last little pile of snow remains beneath the front deck.

The warmth and sun might not be with us yet,
but the ground is softening,
and the chickens are having the time of their lives picking through the brown grass.

In just a matter of weeks, our world will transform.
New life will emerge and every square inch of our land will look
as though a paintbrush has been taken to it.

I am planning on spending a portion of this first day of spring in my greenhouse,
getting more seeds into soil...
in preparation for the weeks to come.

I am so looking forward to this year's gardening season...
so many plans...
so many projects.
I look forward to sharing these with you as the weeks pass!

How about are you celebrating this first day of Spring??


  1. Happy First Day of Spring to you as well! The window box of Primrose certainly gives inspiration f what will arrive soon.

    We received a new layer of snow last night. The good news us that it made the landscape white by covering all the gray, fields, banks of snow. We took the back country roads last evening to attend a gathering celebrating hubby's parents 65th wedding anniversary. I noticed the snow melting is beginning in patches here and there. I also noticed there is so much more to melt. I see a few edges have melted around here at home. Soon I will be able to peek underneath for returned growth . . .

  2. My iPad commenting will sometimes NOT let me go back and correct. I hope you can figure out the words in previous comment.

  3. i love primroses but can never get them to come back in my gardens. where did you get that rosemary basket? i have all kinds of plans for spring now it just needs to get here. it is windy and rainy here this morning.

  4. The first day of Spring! I'm sitting here on the computer with coffee in hand waiting for the sun to rise. It's 31 out so a little worried about the peonies since I didn't cover them last night. Oh yeah!!! Spring has sprung!!

  5. Happy spring to you all on the farm to ! WOOHOO ! yeah cloudy and wet snow rain mix here today but who cares it's spring lol ! Most of our snow is gone grass patches every where , it's spring ! Oh sorry a bit happy about it lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Isn't it wonderful! I love Spring and the rebirth of the season! Have a wonderful day!

  7. It's Spring? You could have fooled me! However, the sun might make it out today so I suppose it is coming. I love the bright colors...I had to change my header today...guess down deep I do believe Spring is coming. Can't wait to hear your plans for the coming seasons.

  8. Glad the Primrose brightened your day..You brightened mine...At least we'll have a couple of warm days before it gets cold again..Have a fun weekend..

  9. Hurray! So glad it is warming up there. Looking forward to seeing your garden progress.
    Yes, we are celebrating by picking a handful of sugar snap peas daily! ;0D

  10. Seeing all those bright colors of your primroses instantly cheered me up. I always think of primroses as the":brave" flowers because they are usually the first flowers that are hardy enough to not be bothered by the cold nights and harsh rains. I love the basket you have them sitting in. The saying stenciled on it is very sweet
    I went for a walk around the walking path around the wildlife sanctuary & pond across the street. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that the cherry trees were in full bloom along with the flowering crab apple trees. I wanted to take some pictures as I usually procrastinate and by the time I get around to it, most of the pale pink blossoms are on the ground. I was chased by a large Canada goose. I might have been in the proximity of her nest or it could have just been vicious and wanted to bite me. I probably look plump & tasty to her.
    The chicken look a bit odd all scattered & roaming across the pasture. I can almost picture them wearing little saddles and galloping across the pasture just like Moonbeam & the Little Ones. I hope that very soon they will be pecking at tender new shoots of grass and plucking fat juicy worms out of the ground. I feel badly for the animals who have spent so many months waiting for this awful Winter to finally be over. I promise you & all the animals, that in a couple of months, we will start complaining about how unbearably hot it is and this loooong Winter will be only a distant memory.

    1. Yes, it has been hard on the animals...and a bit boring. I am not eager for the heat of summer...but a nice warm, green spring will be just what the doctor ordered!


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