Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bribery Will Get You Everywhere

Call me crazy...
when the sun finally came back out again yesterday afternoon,
I had to just lie down on the snow covered ground and stare at the blue sky.
Now mind you, our afternoon temps are still in the 20's...
but I am in such need of sunshine, that I will brave frigid cold to bask in the rays!

I happened to be with the Nigerian goats at the time...
and they thought me quite odd.

Odd, that is, until I began dishing out chin scratches.
Then, they thought me quite wonderful,
and crowded around me.

"If only she had more than two hands..."
(I could imagine them saying.)

As you can see...
these goats can almost completely recycle and old Christmas tree.

This is about as close as Audrey ever gets to me.
She is untrusting by nature.

"Yeah"  she sighs, "that's because every time I get close enough,
you try to trim my hooves or give me vaccinations, or worm me."

"What I can't figure out,"  she continued,  "is why the rest of them are so 
chummy with you!"

"Bribery."  I replied.  "The rest will do anything for a Ritz!"

"Chin scratches,"  said Ash,  "are just as good as Ritz Crackers."

"Ooooh, yeah, a little to the right, ok?"

PS:  Happy Happy Birthday, Amanda and Ryan!

Oh, and before I forget...
here are knitting projects from the last two days....

buttoned neck-warmers.

I am working on another in teal with a slightly different pattern.


  1. Oh, those neck warmers are gorgeous!

    I hope the sun keeps shining!

  2. Bring on more BLUE today . . . Once again please! Love the neck warmers . . .

  3. the neck warmers are fabulous! more sun is on your way and warmer temps! i plan on cleaning the gardens this weekend.

  4. The sunshine these days,even tho still very cold (1 degree here at 8:00 am) gives me a big boost just to walk to the hen pen to gather eggs..If my clothesline didn't have so much snow under it I would hang out some clothes today...guess I'll have to wait a bit and just use the clothes racks that I put on the deck. I love when you post your knitting.... the neck-warmers are beautiful!! The buttons really add to them! I made some 10 min table runners and they have buttons on them...sorry to say I had to order buttons..didn't have any big enough...It was a tough job to shop for buttons :) I'm going to tackle some more feed sack bags today..they are getting ahead of me.. so I better get busy.. Have a great day!!

  5. I'm hoping my sun dance is working for you! Good thing the neighbors can't see me!! Love, love those neck warmers!!! Hugs!!

  6. Love the neck warmers..You're a knitting fool..Audrey is both beautiful and smart..
    Happy Birthday Amanda and Ryan..

  7. Such soppy things ,I like the look on the face as the scratching is being done Miggs looks like to with a good scratch scratch lol ! love the Birthday goat photo soo pretty . Happy Birthday to Amanda & Ryan. I love your knitted neck warmers . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  8. I love the neck warmers!! You did a beautiful job. Knitting is on my bucket list to learn.

  9. Love your goats! Cute neck warmers too.

  10. Ah wonderful goats. Those neck warmers are just beautiful. Hope it's warm for you (and me) soon!

  11. Audrey is a beautiful goat. She doesn't know what she is missing out on with the chin scritches. I think she is the 1st animal on your farm that I can recall being wary when you came to visit. She must be a hard nut to crack of she is wary of you.
    We are usually about a month ahead of you on the East Coast weather wise and yesterday we had the warmest day of the year at 61 degrees. I know Spring is about to arrive because last night all the frogs began singing at the pond for the first time. We always jokingly call this the Spring Peepers Chorus & boy were they noisy last night, but I love that hearing them herald Spring's arrival. This morning I saw a flowering crab-apple branch covered with the first pale pink blossoms. The tree's buds are about to unfurl their new leaves in a couple of weeks. I will be happy to see everything camouflaged in bright green once again. Next week we will all have an extra hour of light & the days will seem much longer. In just a few weeks everyone will be seeing that Winter is finally over & Spring has arrived. I bet you are chomping at the bit to get your new greenhouse into full swing with Spring planting. I need to buy some primroses today just to get some color on my deck.
    Your neck warmers are beautiful & the buttons you selected really give them a contemporary edginess. I love when something traditional is combined with something modern and they compliment one another perfectly. Seeing them makes me wish I lived somewhere cold enough to put a few in my wardrobe.

  12. Oh Ellen...it still feels like Spring is such a long way away. We still have a lot of snow on the ground...but each day a little more melts. We reached a sunny high of 28 today!! Amazingly, at that temperature I don't need gloves any more. My hands have acclimated to the bitter cold. Enjoy your blossoms and spring flowers. I cannot wait to once again hear the Peeper Chorus!!

  13. I sure needed a neck warmer these last two days..I am so tired of yucky weather! There is nothing strange at all about laying on the snow in 20 degree weather..not at all! LOL!!


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