Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Out And About

For weeks now, Daphne and Chloe have lived on a very narrow path 
from their house to their water and food area.
Back and forth all day...
refusing to go off the path.

Unlike the horses, who trudge through the snow, no matter how deep,
these gals will only venture down paths that have been shoveled for them.

Yesterday afternoon I shoveled a new path for them out to their favorite corner.

It is here in this corner where they spend their afternoons...
basking in the sunlight.
For weeks, however, the snow has been a barrier for them 
and they have refused to occupy this space.

I'll do anything to make life a little more interesting for my animals at this time of year.
I can only imagine that the days get quite monotonous for them,
with the pasture being frozen over and off limits.

And how do two donkeys handle this situation?
The path is too narrow for them to pass each other,
so Chloe politely (with her best donkey manners) asks Daphne if she would back up.

"You want me to what?" queries Daphne.

"Back up....that way!" responds Chloe. "Puhleeeeeezzzzz?"

"I'm not going anywhere," states Daphne.
"Mom!" says Chloe, "Daphne won't move."

"You girls need to work this one out, yourselves," I say.

And so, in perfect donkey style, they work it out.
Daphne bites Chloe's leg.


And naturally, because this is how donkeys do it...
Daphne did not get out of Chloe's way...
until Daphne decided that it was her own idea to do so!

You can suggest all you like,
but if it isn't Daphne's idea....
it isn't happening!

Look who ventured out to say hello....


Oh, how happy these gals will be when they can finally trade in their diet of
dry hay to fresh green grass!


  1. They each have their way, their own story . . .
    I think you have learned their language , , ,

    Doing what you love . . . aren't you!?

  2. they are so cute and so very entertaining. it is snowing here right now. i need to get out there and shovel teddy paths!

  3. Cute Donkey story..Did Daphne ever back up ?? Ginger must be getting "cabin" fever..You need a snow blower just to make animal paths...

  4. What we do for our precious animals, I shovel trails for my Pom

  5. I just love those donkeys . Looks like Maryann and Ginger took the plunge to come out into the snow . The sun has been shine here a lot more each day and the temps are warming up best of all snow is melting like crazy WOOHOO ! come on spring . Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Oh my...what a treat this was! Love your animals..they are terrific! Thank you for sharing! It won't be long now...THINKING SPRING for sure! Aloha

  7. The donkey's are just the sweetest little creatures!


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