Monday, February 24, 2014

I May Have Lost My Mind

Just between you and me,
I think that I may have lost my ever-loving-mind!

Remember several days ago, as I lamented that Methuselah, our elder duck,
had gone missing?
Remember that I said how a Mallard had taken his place?

Well, Hubbs pointed out to me this weekend,
that that Mallard was not a Mallard at all,
but was indeed Methuselah.

Now, to me he looks different...somehow brighter and showier than
our old khaki Campbell, Methuselah.

But alas...
he is one in the same,
and I am most surely embarrassed
and of course entirely relieved!

So please excuse me as I offer this retraction.
Methuselah lives continue to earn his name.
As I hang my head in shame...
I've lost it!

Oh well, let's get on with it....

I have a few pictures from the weekend to share with you.

as we were standing at the kitchen sink, washing eggs yesterday,
the sunlight filtered through the kitchen window and just happened to hit
this bunch of daisies perfectly...

for a moment I saw a glimpse of summer.
I took a deep breath and felt the energy of plant life enter my soul...
and for the first time in weeks felt filled with hope.

We had weekend guests...friends of Amanda.
The animals were very glad to have company...
anything to break the monotony of a snowy winter.

Crackers for goats...

Belly rubs for piggies...

And a little extra dose of loving for the horses...

I believe I see a smile on Moonbeam's lips!
He loves girls.

And here is little Red, peaking through the fence.
Do you see what I see?

Do you see this cute little smiley face?
Now, look back at the above picture.
Red has a natural smiley face!
We never noticed that before this weekend!

And last, but certainly not least...
Amanda baked an orange-poppyseed cake this weekend with orange frosting.


  1. methuselah is the comeback kid. or maybe you just have snow blindness! i can't imagine anything more fun than feeding your animals crackers.

  2. Good Morning! Yeah for Methuselah!!! Hope he doesn't find out that you didn't recognize him...don't want any hurt feelings. Our weather is going back down in the teens this week but your daisies couldn't help but remind me that spring is just around the corner. Looks like all the animals were pleased with the company and crackers. How amazing it is to have a natural go red!! What would of made this perfect reading this morning? Enjoying a piece of that yummy looking cake with it!! How's the knitting coming along?

  3. Blame it on the long snowy winter, glad that the flock is all together.

  4. purdy pix...that is truly a smiley face

  5. We all loose our marbles from time to time Beverly lol ! I am glad Methuselah is ok . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , oh that cake looks YUMMY ! Have a good day !

  6. So glad your ducky friend is back! Because you did a headcount, he was indeed gone for a bit. Wonder where he was?

  7. Poppyseed cake is always good for a change. Hubby is a true blue chocolate cake kind of guy, but maybe I can convince him to have a change of heart?

  8. Yay..tears shed for nothing..Glad he's still here...He sure looks like a Mallard in that picture..Love the smiley face..Funny how things are more noticeable in photographs...Cute..Have a happy week...

  9. The photo of the turkeys is beautiful! I do believe you are vitamin D sun for so wonder you thought a duck went missing.

  10. I'm all for blaming it on snow blindness!!! Glad he's "back"!!! lol

  11. Wow . . . Methuselah lives . . . YAY! Love those smily animals!

  12. So glad your drake was just in disguise. :-) This has been a horrible winter for the animals. I do hope we all get spring soon.


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