Monday, February 3, 2014

Discriminating Taste

Before we begin today's "tail"...
I had a request to hear the story of Ginger and MaryAnn's arrival on the farm.
If you keep going down the page after today's story, you will see that I posted
that story on this past Saturday...enjoy!

It has long been a debate in our house as to whether the goats would eat
generic Ritz crackers.
Becky and I have always maintained (from experience) that they have discriminating palates
and that they wouldn't settle for a cheaper imitation.

This weekend Hubbs decided to put this theory to the test.
He has said all along that the goats would not know the difference.

Once he had the undivided attention of the Nigerian Dwarf goats...

he showed them the choices and asked them to vote.

It appears that based on the box appearance the vote was 2 to 1 in favor of generic.

Now for the taste test...
as the goats waited with great anticipation.

Generic crackers were offered.

Generic crackers were scarfed down without hesitation.

" win.  But I bet the fainting goats won't be as forgiving!"  said I.

We decided to let Jill decide.

You can see which packaging she preferred...

But, now for the tasting...

Could it be?  Did she actually not care that the crackers were not Ritz.

Not only did she not care, she came back for seconds and fifths...

with a smile on her face.

"Alright, you were right."  I forced the words from my lips.

"I'll bet Becky's Sid is more discriminating!"  I offered.

Hubbs explained the test to him....

offered him the generic....

offered him the Ritz....

To both he just said, "Pleh" and turned his head away.

"I'll take that!" said Jill.

"I really don't understand what you see in these tasteless snacks," admonished Sid.

"I'd like some..." added Sammy.

"Yes, and we all know how discriminating dogs' tastes are," smirked Sid.
"After all, they love to graze on the manure pile...
I rest my case."

And so, friends, you might want to sell your Nabisco stock...
we're switching to generic!


  1. That is so funny! Years ago I was asked to babysit a friend's goat for a few days. She delivered the goat and his "kennel". The plan was to keep him tethered to the kennel, but he wasted no time in going for a walk, kennel and all, and proceeded to eat the rose bushes! I would love to have goats, but I think I would need a bit more room. Jill is so photogenic!

  2. Good Morning. This is so funny because I've thought, more than once, I wonder if they really feed the RITZ or the generic brand. Our bunnies LOVE animal crackers they get the stauffers.get them at walmart. Huge bags at a time...The name looks pretty fancy so I've never bothered to tell they they are prob a generic brand....AND they don't mind one bit!! Let me tell you Hershey, Sheldon, Opal, Oliver, Mrs. Bun and Diva eat their fair share

  3. Really cute post . . . Does this mean that by saving money from going generic that the animals can have extra ritzy treats!?

  4. LOL...

    I love that smiling goat face, she is a beauty! I might add a goat or two to this old house, husband has not yet agreed to build the shed and pen for them. I need that to

  5. I know! Our pups will eat deer scat in the yard but won't touch green beans and a few other veggies... Harumph.

  6. Cute post and photos . Ritz have a lot of salt in them I don't blame them for not wanting them lol Some times Generic brands do taste better then the originals at least they do over here . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. This is so funny....I do this test with Dash, my dog but he just gets to chose which snack he wants at the moment. I suppose everyone just wants a snack and doesn't really care what....heehee.

  8. What a cute post! It's so nice to see Hubbs chime right in with the testing. A lot of hubbies would tell you to put that camera away. It's a good thing I didn't run out and by Ritz stock for I'm sure the price is dropping now! It's off to a great week, enjoy!!

  9. I can just see you saying "OK, you're right"..Very funny..Cute post..Maybe I should give Mollie crackers instead of lunch meat at bedtime so she has something in her stomach..I worry about the salt..No salt in lunch meat , right :)..Any suggestions?? I try to give her something because she often throws up early in the AM. I think it's because her stomach is empty..Enjoy this beautiful, snowy day...

  10. and now they can all get more since they are cheaper!

  11. I have actually thought about exactly that when I read your blog, if it would be less expensive to give them a generic cracker I couldn't believe it when I opened you up today, I would have gone with the Ritz too.

  12. Love that you gave the animals a taste taste. : ) Thanks for the smile.

  13. such an entertaining story......labels don't impress animals! Ann

  14. Cute story!
    This is my first visit to your blog. I love the "Tails" pic at the top!

  15. Best taste test ever, lol........


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