Saturday, February 1, 2014

As Requested: Saturday Encore: What A Trip!

A Saturday surprise for those of you who stopped by....
a re-post of the day that Ginger and MaryAnn came to live on the farm:

As written October 31, 2011......

Oh my....
so much to show and tell!

First of all, thank you so very much for all the well wishes
with regards to my broken rib and Moonbeam's hoof abscess.....
we are both starting to mend.

Now for the weekend road trip....
(Just about every roadblock imaginable was thrown in front of us
as we were preparing to depart...but eventually Amanda and I got on our way.)

We left Friday with blue skies...
an amazingly beautiful autumn day.
The sights along the way were breathtaking and quite colorful.

We passed through the peak of autumn's color.

Most of the trip was through rural countryside,
with lots of photo opportunities.

And lots of willing subjects....

Ah....our destination.
Well, almost, we had about four and a half hours to go from this point...

We arrived at Verde Farm around supper time, with just enough daylight to show you
our wonderful accommodations...
Verde Cottage.

This was my room for the night...
Absolutely adorable!

With just the sweetest cottage bathroom....

The view from the cottage is Amy's lovely home and gardens.
Just beyond the house is Verde Farm,
home to Bantam chickens, miniature Sicilian donkeys, ducks,
Kunekune pigs and piglets
(the whole reason for our road trip.)

Thank you Amy for being such a gracious hostess
and providing such welcoming accommodations!

Saturday morning, after a refreshing night's sleep,
we loaded up our two little girl piggies,
Ginger and MaryAnn,
and headed back to PA.

We left home on a beautiful Autumn day,
and returned home with this weather...

Freezing rain and ice in the mountains of West Virginia soon turned into
a blinding snowstorm that followed us the whole way home.

Nine hours later, we reached our little valley
with its familiar Amish buggies.

Ginger and MaryAnn weathered the trip pretty well,
sleeping most of the way.
A couple of instances of motion sickness gave us some anxiety...
MaryAnn vomited a few times,
but soon settled down and napped.

Once home, the girls settled into their new home
(our largest stall in the barn)
and were greeted by a couple of the dogs and the barn kitties.

And for the moment you have been waiting for....
Here are the girls!

Their first meal in their new home....

Leo loves the piggies!
We have even found him curled up asleep beside them.

MaryAnn loves Leo!

Sammy was quite curious and a little nervous.
The piggies were ready to make more friends.

Bobby was curious, but unimpressed.

Here is sweet little Ginger,
our beauty queen!

I will have lots more pictures to share with you as the days pass.

For now, I just have to tell you....
I am in love!
These two little girls are sweet, and affectionate,
amazingly clean and odorless
(they are herbivores)
and unbelievably smart.

Thank you, thank you Amy and Richie...


  1. Congratulations! They look gorgeous. How lovely that Leo has taken to them. I wonder what the turkeys will think?!
    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S.!!
    Looking forward to reading all about their adventures in their new home!
    What sweet little piglets!!!

  3. What a trip! The fall colors were absolutely stunning, but the snow pictures...oh my...
    The little piggies are just so cute Bev! They have the sweetest little faces, no wonder you fell in love with them.

  4. OH MY GOSH!!!! I am in love with your piggies. I am squealing with delight. And Leo with the piggies? I can hardly stand how cute that is. This is not good for my "I love piggies but just cannot get any" struggle:-)

    That weather? Yikes! It's not for me, I am a fair weather California girl. Glad you made the trip safely.

  5. Oh, I just love this post! The weather, the piggies, the kitties. Everyone in a win win situation.. okay, well maybe not the weather for you, but the snow photos are making GREAT blog fodder. Just a really fun post!

  6. Those are the cutest piggies ever!

    And what a crazy to and from! Wowza! Beautiful fall to winter everywhere!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Who wouldn't love those little piggies. I glad you made it home safe and sound. From the news you got a whooper of a winter blast! I look forward to all the pictures as the girls grown up. Hugs and take care!

  8. I want one ! They are soo cute. Fantastic photos. Glad you made it home safe in the snow storm its amazing how fast the weather can change. Looking forward to photos of the little cute piggies.Have a wonderful day !

  9. Pretty countryside pictures! Although driving in snow would be very scary for me! Love the names you chose for the piglets...they are so cute and look like they are making themselves right at home.

  10. They're just too sweet..I can understand why you're in love...You sure went through everything on your trip..Glad everyone is back safely..Welcome to Ginger and Maryann

  11. They are beautiful. Be prepared to be amazed at the intelligence of pigs. They will surprise you!

  12. What a trip! Glad everyone made it home safe!

    Those girls are too sweet! So cute and look, how much Leo matches! How old are they?

  13. experienced two seasons in the course of a weekend!

    I WUV Maryann and Ginger! Perfect names!


  14. I think your weather was amazing. Thank goodness you all got home okay. The girls are lovely. Pigs don't stink. People do! It looks like they already love to cuddle. Looking forward to many more pics.

  15. So glad you all made it home safely! Love the photos; now I want to take a road trip to West Virginia some Autun weekend. Congratulations on the new arrivals, and thank you for sharing the journey!

  16. ADORABLE!!! Oh Bev they are absolutely precious and I can't wait to see more photo's of them. How much bigger will they get? I'll have to go on the Internet and check them out. I'm glad you were able to enjoy Amy and Richie's's so cute and their home looks wonderful. What a shame you had to drive through snow and ice to get least it wasn't driving on a super highway or freeway as you call it. Looks as though you got hit hard by that storm...this is WAY too early for any of us. Heck even my family in Manitoba haven't had snow yet! Glad you're home safe and sound...enjoy your new 'sweeties' and I'll be watching for more photo's when you get the time. Have a great day!
    Maura :)

  17. Crazy weather and adorable new babies!! You're so blessed!! I'm still trying to get a 2nd pooch!!

  18. I'm glad you guys made it there and back safely! What a nice place to stay!

    Those pigs are so cute! I would be in love too!

    What crazy weather! Makes for beautiful photos though!

  19. Loved the story of the trip and the cottage where you stayed. ESPECIALLY love the pics of your new piggies! They are soooo cute! Are they just to be pets I'm guessing? Will you breed them and raise future piggies? I've not heard of that breed here at all.

  20. Oh Bev, what a wonderful post! What a trip indeed. You both went through a lot for little Ginger and Mary Ann. The girls are going to have a "Wonderful Life" at Bee Haven Acres and we are so thankful. I know they are enjoying meeting all their new friends too. We coulnd't have asked for a better home for the girls!

    You sure did go through a snow storm. Hard to believe we had cold air but blue skies and white clouds a couple of hours west. So thankful you made it home safeily.

    I'm thrilled you liked the cottage, it is very special to me and I so enjoyed getting to visit with you and Amanda in person, if only for a short time. You are my kinda peeps!

    Give Ginger and Mary Ann a big kiss from us and let them know they are missed by Richie, Amy, Presley, Pansy Porter and their two brothers!

    Looking forward to visitng Bee Haven Acres in the future :)

    Hugs from Verde Farm in WV

  21. Bev, I've had to back up and read a alot of posts lately, so I'm catching up. Firstly, I can't believe your trip with all the snow. Brave woman driving in all that with the piggies. Beautiful fall and then out of sight snow. I can feel the piggy love.

  22. A memorable trip to be sure..Can you believe they were so little???

  23. So, so cute. My oh my they have grown!

  24. Good morning i am cecilia from the kitchens garden, I am soon collecting a kunekune pig and one of my readers wondered if your pigs were the same, but the kune is not a miniature pig so maybe not. These are the sweetest little pigs you have though, you must be thrilled. I am sure they are loving their new home.. c

    1. Cecelia, these two are indeed Kunekune pigs. This post was from 2 ½ years ago when we first brought them home. They are quite large now....over 100 pounds each.

  25. Such beautiful piglets and kitties and dogs you have!


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