Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ya Gotta Have Friends!

You might remember some weeks ago that I moved two chickens
into the barn from the henhouses...
Rose, who was being picked on un-mercifully by the other hens,
and Ivanka the naked neck chicken who had stopped leaving the henhouse.

(As a side note, you might notice in the following picture that Ivanka is quite pigeon-toed.
It is so bad that she cannot take a step without stepping on her own toes.
It's ok, though, the rest of her is beautiful!)

These two hens became fast friends and lived together in a spare stall in the barn.
On Christmas Eve, Rose died.
She lived out her days in and around the barn in peace with her friend Ivanka.

I worried that Ivanka, now alone, might be lonely.

 the other day...seeing this...

 I realized that she has a new friend.

It seems our barn kitty, Moll, has taken to spending quite a bit of time with Ivanka.
It's an unlikely pairing...a chicken and a cat...
but they don't seem to notice or mind.

It's funny how similar to humans animals are.
No beings are meant to be entirely alone...
we are all happier when we have a friend!

While we are on the subject of chickens...
I have to share a little about our raucous band of bachelor roos.

These five rowdy guys live here...

in a heated chicken house along our driveway, close to the house.
(They make terrific alarm clocks!)

They spend their days wandering around the farmhouse yard,
visiting the garage (stealing dog food),
foraging beneath our bird feeders...
basically spending their days in one adventure after another.

The other day I happened to find them here...

Apparently that day's adventure involved the long climb
down the steep hill from the driveway...

for lunch at the duck hut!


  1. those roosters look like a gang of thugs!!! haha! sorry to hear about rose.

  2. Love that Moll! I have the theme song to the old TV show Friends playing in my head now! I guess those boys were hungry and the dog food wasn't enough!! I'm assuming they made the uphill trip home to there coop at dusk for more food, ha,ha!!

  3. I'm so surprised the roosters don't go to the hen houses.
    I'm sorry about your hen. One of mine turned up sick yesterday so I'm worried about her. How sweet to have a kitty to keep company with your Ivanka. She's a treasure, that Moll.

  4. Ivanka and Moll are wonderful! I have two hens that sleep with the pig every night, all snuggled up like three bugs in a rug! Animals have such individual personalities :-) Thanks for the smiles!

  5. Awww..Ivanka and Moll..what a cute pair..Too sweet..Sorry about Rose..Those marauding Roos....Funny..

  6. Sorry to hear Rose died.
    How cute that the hen cat are friends. : )
    Love the rooster story.

  7. Oh my gosh.... the chicken and the cat. Sounds like a children's story. ;o)

    I love how well all the critters get along there.


  8. I'll be looking for pics of Moll and Ivanka snuggled together under the heat lamp!!!

  9. I'll be looking for pictures of Moll and Ivanka snuggled together for the night, now!

  10. How do you keep your roos from fighting? I've had a lot of problems with my roosters in the past trying to destroy each other .I've read that their spurs can be safely removed to prevent fighting, wonder if that is true.

    1. My roos are separated from any far as they know females don't exist. This seems to work for them....they are just a rowdy pack of goofy guys who parade all around the farmhouse strutting their stuff and finding all sorts of adventures.

  11. Great post although I am sorry about Rose. Good to hear Ivanka has a new friend! I love all the great names that the animals are given so cute!!!!

  12. Friends usually have something in common that attracts them to one another. I think Moll & Ivanka have a shared fondness for that delightfully pink glowing heat lamp. The lamp may have been the start of a lasting friendship. Even if words are never spoken, it is comforting to have another beating heart nearby to ease the loneliness. Poor Ivanka with those clumsy pigeon claws, I sure hope she doesn't aspire to become a tap dancer. Fortunately, they don't seem to hinder her from getting around. I'm sure there are moments where she does miss her companion Rose.
    It looks like the "Wild Bunch" roosters planned an exciting Boys Day Out. Starting with a nice lunch down by the pond, to be followed by a exercise class called Pilates for Manchickens. Roosters can make New Years' resolutions they will come to regret too.

  13. This adult thinks children will love reading your books with pictures . . . And this adult agrees, we all need friends!

  14. Very sad your Rose died.Look cute those roosters .

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