Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Too Many Shades of Gray!

It's that time of year when days pass,
seemingly unending... with no sunshine.

Endless days of gray....
cloudy skies, snow flurries, cold...

from sun-up 'til sun-down.

Upon awakening, my eyes are greeted by the gray light of morning...
no longer do the daffodil yellow rays filter through my windowpanes.

It's no wonder so many people begin to feel a heaviness in spirit this time of year.

I often wonder if the animals feel the weight of winter's tedium...

hours upon hours with only the low light that filters through the heavy ceiling of clouds.

I know the horses prefer the cold of winter to the hot of summer,
but do you suppose they miss the way the summer sun
makes the colors jump off the canvas of the surrounding landscape?

I sure do!

For the first time ever, we have had a major disagreement between two of the roosters.

We returned home from breakfast on Sunday to find Millard and Milton
engaged in mortal combat.

Amanda broke up the fight, and d├ętente has prevailed ever since.
All that remains are the scabs and bloodstained feathers.

I'm about ready to put Prozac in their water!

As for us humans, the warmth of the fireplace is no substitute for sunshine,
but it helps.

And the knitting continues....
I am using yarns that are cotton, soy, and bamboo...
playing with color (color that has temporarily left my outside world).

Amazingly, our hens don't seem to be adversely affected by winter.

In fact, our egg production is great right now.

I suppose with days like this...they have nothing better to do than lay eggs!
Heat lamps help a bit, I believe.


  1. i can't get enough of this time of year! i could do without -20 wind chills though. how do you wash your eggs?

  2. Wonderful Shades of Gray photos . . . I hope the Roos have settled their differences . . .

  3. I agree that the winter blahs are no fun. When the sun does make an appearance, I feel like a cat chasing the warm rays of the sun!

  4. Hello Bev! I've been following your blog for a while, thoroughly enjoying the stories about your farm and the animals.
    I don't know anything about keeping chickens, but am wondering about the two roosters. Isn't there supposed to be just one rooster per hen house? Do other roosters live together peacefully?
    All info greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi Shelley.
    I will tell you everything I have learned about roosters. First off, all of my roosters were "surprises"....this often happens when you order chicks. Often times they send the rooster chicks along to help make the package "warmer" they say. Anyways....because of their one track mind, I have found that a 1 to 25 ratio of roosters to hens works ok....keeps the hens from getting too stressed by over sexed roosters. As for fighting...it all depends upon the birds. My roos that are with my hens don't fight. I have 1 to 2 roosters in each henhouse...it just worked out that way. The rest of my roos are kept by our home...about a quarter mile away from the barn. They are bachelors, and for years (until this weekend, for whatever reason) have lived in peace...no fighting. This one squabble has not re-escalated, so who knows why it happened.
    Now back to roosters per henhouse. You actually need no roosters if you are raising hens for eggs. The hens lay with or without roosters. Some say that roosters help to protect your hens....who knows! My roos are always so busy strutting their stuff that I'm not sure they are any protection....but again, who knows.
    And that is about all I can squeeze out of my little bird brain!
    Thanks for the shout-out, Shelley!!!

  6. Our sun came out yesterday afternoon for a few hours. That is after 13 straight days of gray. No wonder last weekend I headed out over the mountain pass to central Oregon. Yes, it was sixty degrees and Sunshine!! I told my son who lives in Bend that I was building a Mother Suite and he was going to be stuck with me in the winter when I retire. I do not do well with constant gray. I sure hope yours doesn't last long. Love the colors of the knitting, what ya makin??? Hugs!

  7. It was sunny here yesterday and over the weekend....Of course today is very gray with tiny snow flakes falling continuously..Maybe I'll seek out my knitting box and see what's in there..Enjoy your day..Hug the animals for me...And you as well, of course..

  8. Spring will look so much nicer this way.

  9. Please send some snow and rain our way in Marysville/Sacramento area/Lake Tahoe region. We are dried up like popcorn out here. So weird to have 70 degree weather in January...rain rain rain!!!! We need it so bad. Your knitting is lovely...one day I say.

  10. We are back into frigid temps here . But the sun is shining so I am ok with that . Lovely photos . I am so looking forward to spring . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  11. I'm sure the animals help you get through the harshness of winter. The coop certainly looks cozy! I'd love for you to share this on The Maple Hill Hop today! Sending you some sunshine!

  12. gray can be beautiful too. Look at those gorgeous clouds in the second shot

  13. It's been snowing all day here in western MD and we almost have a foot and it's still snowing.
    I like winter. I think it has its own beauty. I really don't have a favorite season, I enjoy all of them.
    Your fireplace is beautiful!!!

  14. We've had beautiful blue skies and warm (for Colorado) weather for a few days, but the snow is headed our way. I DO think it makes the animals "off". I know Doink the pig hates the cold. I can see it in his little piggie eyes as he buries himself in the straw for another nap!


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