Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Cooking Is For The Birds

All year long I save my bacon and fat drippings in cans.

Then during the winter I dump them into a pot and melt them.
I add whatever is in my pantry...
peanut butter, nuts, seeds, cornmeal, oats, raisins, etc.

I pour this mixture into waxed cardboard containers

and set it outside to chill.

Once cold, I cut these into slices and place them in our suet feeders.

We spend a lot of time and energy making sure our animals,
both wild and tame,
are well fed during Winter's blustery months.

Suet feeders are well attended,
as suet provides great energy and warmth for wild birds.

Of course you already know how pampered our own critters are...
as is evidenced by Bobby (ex-barn cat who moved to the garage)
in his warm spot on wheels!

Bobby spends a part of each day out hunting...
returning to the garage to warm up under his heat-lamp.
Food and water are always available to him.

As for companionship....

well, I think you'd agree he has plenty of that!

I love these interspecies friendships.
Gentleness between two animals who are so different...
yet somehow find common ground.

And then there are humans...more alike than different...
and they just cannot seem to get along!
And we think we are smarter than animals?


  1. Good Morning. Seeing your homemade suet makes me want to try and make it again...maybe for next winter. My wild birds never took to my homemade as much as they did to the suet I get from tractor supply...NOPE the walmart suet won't suit them either...too fussy they are. I can't wait to see your head hurry up and finish the scarf :) My "Mary Janes Farm" came yesterday AND guess who I saw on page 15???? Not wonder they chose your photo!! Thanks for being part of my morning coffee!!

  2. Bobby has the sweetest little spot for warming up after hunting. He probably thanks you every winter's day.

  3. Now that is a very good idea! Gonna do it for sure . . .

    Love the different species "getting along" bit!

  4. Your farm is such a beautiful example of all the animals feeling secure so they don't feel like they have to fight. Well, maybe the roos once in a while;-)

  5. I broke down and bought suet the other day. It could by lazy or it could be I was out of lard and bacon grease to make my own. The birds didn't notice store bought so I guess I'm good. I sure wish I had a Bobby. but outside cats don't stay around and I sneeze way too much for them to be inside. So I guess I will have to enjoy your photos. I guess I'll call him my kitty from a distance! Stay warm back there in PA!! hugs!

  6. don't get me going about how much other species have over us *smile*

    Bacon fat. Go figure! I never would have thought of that. You're a genius. Our birds down here in Tampa don't have it so tough though.

  7. What a great way to use up that stuff! I have made peanut butter pinecones and rolled them in seed, but have not yet made the suet cakes. I think I shall.
    xo Kris

  8. Could use some of that suet around here except it seems to attract the squirrels..Animals are the greatest..Unconditional love...

  9. what a great idea! i should make some for my birds. i always tell my family that i think the first thing we learn when we die is that animals are much smarter and more evolved than humans.

  10. Thanks for sharing your suet recipe! I'll have to start saving bacon drippings. Great post!

  11. I love these images, and you are so right. I posted something similar on FB. *sigh* What is it with people?.. this is why I find such peace here on my little farm.

  12. All your creatures - great and small are living in heaven on earth!!
    They are as blessed as you are!!

  13. Lovely photos ! Yup our wild animals and tame ones are all well cared for here to . I gave up on making my own suet as I used lard and it is expensive now , we don't eat a lot of bacon so it would take us years to save the fat lol I now buy it from our local TSC store as they sell many types and in packages of three and they are cheap to . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  14. Thanks for this idea. After I told my husband about it, he got busy mixing up goodies for the birds. He wants to give some to the "girls" (chickens) too. I'm sure they will love it.

  15. Bobby and his that is sweet stuff. Question: why the bacon fat? Is it the glue that holds it all together?

    1. Suet is generally made from some solid lard. I just recycle bacon fat.


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