Thursday, January 16, 2014

Floating Teeth....Mine And The Horses

Foggy evenings followed by freezing cold nights
make for beautiful mornings...

I awoke yesterday morning to find everything covered in ice crystals...

a gentle reminder that we are still in the midst of winter...
with even colder weather on its way.

Twice a day our dogs line up in the kitchen for "Vit-i-yums"!
Maddie gets her medications and her glucosamine,
and Oakley gets his glucosamine.
They each get a portion of a hard boiled egg and a little peanut butter.

It's a treat they look forward to every day...twice.
We give our large dogs glucosamine to help with potential
(or actual) joint problems.  This supplement can make all the difference in the world
for arthritic dogs.

Yesterday, as I emptied the last bit from the dog's peanut butter container,
I was reminded of our old Norfolk Terrier, Hickory
(who passed away a year ago).

She used to love to lick out the last little bit of peanut butter from the jar.

And on this particular day, she ended up like this....

A sweet memory of a sweet old gal.
I will never again see an empty peanut butter jar without thinking of Hickory!

This trip down memory lane was brought to you due to the fact that I spent
the day in the city yesterday.... catching up on doctors, dentists, grocery shopping, 
and meetings.

After the dentist, I took a "selfie"
 so that you could see how ridiculous my smile was....
courtesy of local anesthesia.

I was numb from the tip of my nose down to my bottom lip.
Did you know that when your nose is numb, you cannot feel it run?

I should have lots to share with you tomorrow...
for today we float teeth!
The horses', that is!


  1. Haha! We used to have a whippet called Harriet who was a terrible food thief. One evening we were all sitting in the lounge room when I saw Harriet sneaking up the hallway. Something about the way she moved told me she was up to something naughty, and when I went to investigate I found her with a whole opened jar of peanut butter which she had stolen off the kitchen bench. It was very funny, and we still laugh about it.

    Kathy from Tas

  2. Look at those pooches all line up for their goodies. So sweet. Hope the dentist wasn't too bad! The ice crystals are lovely. Stay toasty!

  3. i don't know that i will ever see a dentist again without thinking of your picture!!! hahaha!!!!

  4. The peanut butter jar on top of Hickory's head gave me first Jan 16th smile and YOU the second. (That novacaine thingy doesn't help the smile much does it!)

  5. Loved the anticipation shot. We go through that every meal

  6. Hey Mom, we are ready! Where's the treat? Cute pic! Aren't we glad in this day and age they can numb us up for dental work. Part of me likes some of the old ways but the dentist is not one of them. I usually make my appointment the last of my work day so I don't have to return to work with half a smile. Take care, Hugs!

  7. What kind of glucosamine do the dogs take???

    1. They take the same supplement as Hubbs (from Costco) in a dollop of peanut butter. Maddie gets two twice daily, and Oakley gets one twice daily.

  8. I'm due for the dentist and that's my very least favorite thing to do.
    We've been giving one of our dogs Cosequin for the past year or two and it's made a huge difference for him. I'm a believer.

  9. Just adopted a very neglected older lab/aussie/grpyr mix who was hit by a car in his younger days leaving his back right leg pretty lame. Since starting him on Cosequin DS w/MSM he moves around SO much better. He could not jump at all when I first brought him home and now his favorite spot is at the end of the couch. He is a farm dog like Sammy and we live rural right now, yet after just accepting a city job am wondering how well he will adapt. He would LOVE hanging out with Sammy and Oakley, yet he does not care for peanut butter at all! In fact, he does not show interest in eating any people food (maybe because I am vegetarian? lol). Hickory - what a cutie. Reminds me of my little one who passed about a year ago at 19. Miss her every single day. Great to see Maddie is still hanging tough.

  10. It was very pretty yesterday morning but walking was pretty treacherous..I pretty much stayed on the grass..Love your selfie..I've seen better:) I hope all the floated and repaired teeth are good today.
    Funny picture of little Hic...Enjoy the sunshine..

  11. Lovely photos . We give our Miggs glucosamine since her reconstructive knee surgery 2 years ago and she loves peanut butter as well but it is made for dogs the one we get as human peanut butter has to much salt in it for her . I bet they just cant wait to get their peanut butter and treats . Miggs would love to hang out with your pooches . Another winter storm on it's way here tonight . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  12. Oh Bev, you crack me up... and as for Hickory... I always enjoyed seeing her on your blog... She was a sweet joy to see as your sidekick... hugz

  13. Do you just use human glucosamine? Or do you get it specially for dogs from the vet?

  14. That is just about the best Blog post I have ever read... Who does that? Who takes a selfie right after the dentist... You rock!!! xoxo

  15. Keela gets glucosamine daily too. She has a bad leg, probably because she broke it trying to climb a tree to get a squirrel when she was about six months old. It mostly bothers her when we're a mile into our daily two mile hike. I slow down and let her sniff and meander while she limps home. Then she gets into the back yard and runs like mad. Maybe I should take the glucosamine?


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