Monday, December 30, 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes

What a wonderful quiet weekend we had...
Hubbs and I...
and the dogs...
and the critters!

Saturday was a beautiful skies with temps in the mid fifties.
We set out mid afternoon with Sam and Oakley for a hike in the woods...

no jackets!

Hiking through the woods gives us a chance to assess the health of our
hemlock forest...which has been under attack by the wooly adelgid
(an insect that immigrated to the US from China).
This insect is threatening to destroy all of our East Coast hemlock forests.

Each year we lose more and more trees.
Like this one,

they eventually snap in half and end up on the forest floor.
(We are currently working with a forestry professional to take whatever measures
we need help save our remaining trees.)

Forgive me, for I have let's go back to our walk.

The forest has so many stories to tell.
When I walk through the woods, I don't just walk...
but rather, I look for the tales the woods tell.

The tree above, that snapped in half,
had obviously been dead for a while...

as you can tell, by the woodpecker holes in its side.

And even more interesting is the fern that has started to grow out of one of the 
woodpecker holes.

Just a few short days of warm weather enabled these fungi to

I couldn't help but think of Cheetos when I saw these!
And I will admit to you right here that I have a certain fondness for them.
Although, I do like fungi, too!

By the time Sunday rolled around,
 the warmth and the sunshine were both gone...

replaced by rain, fog, and chilly dampness.

Everyone stayed inside on Sunday.
(Except, of course, the horses!)

Even the guineas hung out beneath the shelter of our old pine tree.

The dry lot became the "wet lot"!

With only the very top layer of ground thawed from Saturday's warmth,
there is no where for the rain to absorb...
and so puddles formed everywhere.

If we get another freeze this week,
the farm will become one huge skating rink!


  1. cheetos and mushrooms, two of my favorite things! it rained nonstop here yesterday and now it is freezing!

  2. These abrupt weather changes have found our little one, Snickers the dog . . . looking (and probably thinking)
    "this is ridiculous!" We have gone from bountiful snow and cold, to spring like 50 degree weather and a big melt, to a temperature drop overnight to single digits. Now really . . .

    Curious about the Hemlock trees . . . we have several . . . I must read up!

  3. Your walk looked lovely. We've been in high thirties at night and forties with high fog for days now. I think our weatherman said our rainfall is 7 inches short. Please don't make it up before year end!!! Shhh!! our little secret - I LOVE CHEETOS!!!!!

  4. we are promised either snow or ice. I don't ice-skate so inside by the fire it will be….
    Our hemlocks are also under attack….


  5. Cheetos!! Mashed sweet potatoes..Yup..big difference between Sat and Sun..I took down "all" my outdoor decorations on Sat..Early, but good excuse to be outside..Why wait until it's freezing?? Glad you had some "just us" time...xxoo

  6. yes, enjoy the lovely weather when you can... Happy New Year!


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