Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Timing Is Everything!

Nettie B.:  "Things are a little mixed up in the goat pen right now.  
I just don't understand boys!"

Jill:  "Two weeks ago, when we all moved in together,
Chip spent his days chasing us all around the pen..."

Missy:  "Yes, and now that we are all in the mood,
he keeps saying he's too tired!"

Nettie B.:  "What's up with that?"

You see, when all of the goats moved in together,
(after our multiple castration event)
the boys still had some testosterone left in their systems.
In those first few days, Chip spent every hour chasing the girls,

Eventually, though, the testosterone waned...
just in time for the gals to enter their "season".
At that point, the girls began chasing Chip instead.

Like so much in life...

It's all a matter of timing!


  1. and isn't that the truth . . .

  2. Cute post ! Nature still has its ways no matter what ya do lol ! Have a good day !

  3. What a riot! Love Missy's smile. :)

  4. omg i am so glad i am no longer ruled by hormones!

  5. Jill has the cutes grin,,, makes me wonder what mischief she is thinking... lol!

  6. Oh my gosh! What a cute post. Love the pictures of the goatie faces, especially the one with her teeth showing. Looks like she is grinning! To CUTE

  7. Hi Beverly,
    Your posts ALWAYS makes me laugh.. What fun post this was..
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Hormones are evil. I still have one of my wethers (or two) that like when the girls come into heat.


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