Friday, December 27, 2013

A Snowy Surprise

We awoke to a snow squall yesterday morning,
that dropped an inch of snow on us in less than an hour...

not enough to be a nuisance, but just enough to make it lovely!

A small snowfall is not enough to keep anyone inside.
In fact, the pigs didn't even seem to notice the cold white crystals between their toes.

MaryAnn, excited as ever to have visitors, came running from her house...

grunting her usual greeting to me.

"Hey Mom!!  Whatcha doin'?"

The pigs love when the dogs come along to visit.

Sammy, lover of all things gross,

opts for his favorite end of the pig...

the rump roast!

Face to face encounters make Sam a little nervous,
unless, of course, I am right beside him to protect him!
So, he makes a hasty retreat under the fence.

Moll Flanders, on the other hand, loves her pigs
and always comes along for a visit.

Right on schedule, just one day after Christmas...
the seed catalogs have started to arrive in the mail.

With the garden looking like this, 

it is hard to believe that in a few short months
I will be cultivating and weeding and planting again!
For now I will pour through the pages of gardening catalogs
and dream of next summer's produce.


  1. we got a little snow too but now comes the big defrost! i got my first seed catalog yesterday too.

    1. I think we have a couple of warmer days ahead and then back to cold.

  2. Cute photos ! We had more snow fall last night and now no grass is showing . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

    1. Thanks....hoping for a quiet getting organized after Christmas!

  3. What are your favorite seed company's to order from? From reading your blog, I love that you want things to be as natural as possible. We've been really happy with Southern Exposure and Baker Creek.

    1. I find that I order most of my seeds from "Seeds of Change" or ""....although, when I find something unusual in the other purple sweet potatoes or purple carrots or purple cauliflower, I order them, too!!! I love to try new varieties. This year I am searching for Mexican gherkin cucumbers...they look like tiny watermelons!


      Is this what you are looking for???

  4. How pretty the dusting of snow. We are fogged in and cold. How exciting about your seed catalogs. They must start shipping on the east coast and work west. I'll be keeping watch so I can start dreaming. Hugs!!

  5. I received my first seed catalogs too . . . I don't have a garden but do plenty of planting of flowers and things so guess that is why seed catalog people have my name! I will bring you tons of snow if you will plant some White

  6. Kale next year and send me some for my flower arranging! (Not sure why it locks up while I am writing a comment . . . and then I have to start all over in a new message.). Thus . . . my two part comment!

    1. I your first comment and the suspense was killing me!! White Kale!!! You can keep the snow....I will try to find the white kale. Do you want it fresh?

  7. You have such a nice garden area. We hope to double the size of ours this year. I miss having fresh lettuce right now. Can't wait for spring!

  8. I am thinking of starting lettuce in my greenhouse. Even though it is not heated, lettuce will grow in pretty cold temperatures. I am going to dig another big garden out behind the chickens, near the manure piles and plant a pumpkin patch. I might also plant some extras of other veggies there. It will be on the ground, however, and not in a raised bed.....ugh!

  9. That little "nuisance snow" caused a lot of accidents and traffic delays..It surprised everyone..Almost all gone now..I can hear the wheels turning in that busy head of yours..Whatever you decide to plant, it will be lush and abundant..Have a fun weekend..xxoo

  10. The snow is beautiful even if it a nuisance...... the pigs are just to cute.. I can imagine how the dogs think they are unusual and check them out..... have a great day! Blessings!

  11. It seems to snow here by me almost every day. Not today though. Nice and sunny.
    Great photos as always.


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