Friday, November 15, 2013

Of Icy Fingers and Pedicures

And so another Friday arrives.
It's been a cold week here on the farm.

Beautiful ice sculptures have formed...

 from water being pumped out of the old log cabin's basement.
Frozen pillars dance in a circle around a fountain of frigid spring water.

Icy fingered blades of grass stretched skyward in search of warmth...

It's a morning like this that makes me glad that I made the decision to hire a farrier
to trim hooves on a regular basis.
Hoof trimming is back and knee breaking work.

Hoof trimming used to be a chore that I tackled...
spreading the work out over several days.
This past summer, however, I decided that if I am going to be taking care
of all of these animals for the long haul, I had better save my bones and joints
and hire someone to do the tough stuff.

And so, every eight weeks, our gentle, quiet farrier comes and trims 28 hooves.

I am proud to say that each and every one of my equines stands perfectly still.

What good boys and girls!

Sammy loves the farrier's visits and tries to help.
Actually, he is stealing pieces of hoof (as Leo watches)...
they make such tasty snacks!

Poor Ollie...he gets a little upset when Red is getting his feet done.
He cries for his brother and stands up on his hind feet looking out over the stall wall.

Thank goodness Moonie is there to console him!

Ollie's quite happy when it's finally his turn.

As for the donkeys....
We do the donkeys in their dry lot.  It works out much better to not tie them up,
but for me to just hold them and rub their ears while they get their pedicure. pictures.
I am happy to report that they were also well behaved.

All good horses got peppermint treats when they were finished.
No wonder they stand so nicely!

Our weekend will be a quiet one...
I hear the weather is to get a little warmer.
Here's hoping your weekend is restful and rejuvenating!
We'll see you back on Monday with more Tails from the Farm!

PS:  Dear Friends.... I was humbled by the amount of comments I received yesterday
with regards to our dear Maddie.  She continues to have difficulty carrying her weight
on her hind legs. We will take it one day at a time....lavishing hugs and kisses
and gentle strokes on our old faithful friend.
I will keep you posted.
Your kindness touches our hearts.
Thank you.


  1. Liked your ice sculpture photos.

    I am happy. You have some help with the animal pedicures. Wise decision Bev . . . I can't believe all you do. You are an inspiration . . . indeed!

    I identify completely with your companionship with Maddie and tender decisions as well. Our dear Snickers will be treated the same . . . as sad as it will be . . .

    Give Maddie a few ear rubs for me . . .

  2. "Tiny grasses dreaming in their igloos!" That's what my mind said upon seeing the first two of your (always so lovely) photos.
    I love how sweet-natured all your animal companions are (not that I'm surprised!).

  3. Beautiful ice photos!
    The first time I saw a farrier at work, I wondered how on earth their backs survive the daily onslaught of leaning/holding/pounding, etc. Backbreaking work!

  4. Burrrrr! But what beautiful sculptures the frozen grass makes. I could comment yesterday for it doesn't work to type with tears in my eyes. I still remember dear, dear Saddie!! Give Maddie lots of hugs!!

  5. Great pictures of the ice sculptures..So glad you're not trimming hooves any more...You did a good job or they wouldn't be so cooperative..Maddie..dear Maddie..thoughts of her kept me awake last night and always make me cry..I'll be every bit as bad as you when the time comes..Just email me because neither of us will be able to talk..Love you have a great weekend..

  6. Your post yesterday brought me to tears at my desk at work...dear Maddie. All of your furry (and feathery!) friends are so dear and it is so fun to read about them. Albeit, sad to read about some days.

    Hard to believe Old Man Winter is arriving, but I am looking forward to the crisp mornings and the snow to come!

  7. I just read your post about Maddie. We all know that you will make the right decision for Maddie, give her a hug from the animals at Ginnysyard.

  8. hiring a farrier is a really good move. have a wonderful weekend and i hope sunday brings in a win!

  9. We have a farrier for the donkeys, I won't touch their footsies. I don't mind sheep shearing, but the sheep don't kick me.
    As for your post beneath, You're so right about our furry friends letting us know when it's time to say goodbye.We said goodbye to our old coonhound last year. Maddie is good ol gal and what a dear friend you are to her as well. By the way, thank you for your book order!

  10. What gorgeous photos! And good for you for hiring out the farrier work- a true back breaker that is!

    Thanks so much for sharing :)


  11. That reminds me... time for my pedicure... lol!

  12. You mean you aren't going to continue to do EVERYTHING? I am shocked!

    I am proud of you....delegation is good. Spend your time on being with your buddies...quality I know you always do. Have fun.


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