Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Here a Flake, There a Flake, Everywhere a Snowflake!

Winter has arrived...
a little early.

It's been bitter cold...
cold enough to freeze the edge of the pond and the autumn leaves that floated there.

Yesterday morning, as I headed to the barn for chores,
the scene was this:

Out in the pasture the horses "grazed" on flakes of hay that I scattered around.
Grass is scarce these days.

A light snow continued through the morning.

By afternoon, most of the ground was covered with snow.

Ginger and MaryAnn spend most of their days indoors,

warm and snug under their heat lamp.

Most visiting with them is done in the comfort of their stall...
as jealous dogs look on...

On occasion the pigs venture out of doors for a potty break and a visit.

It seems that one of the cats is always hanging out with the pigs.
(Usually Moll)

However, as soon as she sees me she heads over to the fence to say hello.

Cats, like the donkeys, are very curious and hard to photograph.

Isn't Leo's winter coat beautiful??

He is an amazingly affectionate little fellow who jumps up on the rain barrels
every morning so that I will pick him up and cuddle him.

Today is a busy day here on the farm...
last minute grocery shopping to do,
and then the baking and the cooking starts!

How about you....
are you cooking Thanksgiving dinner?
What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods?


  1. i am so disappointed! except for the bit we got in the morning, it changed to rain and that was it. they told us we could get 10 inches and we got none of it. now there is no snow in sight. bummer! the girls look so cute under their heat lamp.

  2. Love the pic of the frozen leaves!! Happy Thanksgiving to your and yours.

  3. Love the snow, how pretty! I'm cooking but for a small group this year. Only one of my kids and family will make it. And horror of all horror they are not turkey fans. So cover Ginger and Maryann ears, we are having ham. I'm still making dressing though, it's my favorite. Don't tell them it will have Turkey giblets in it, shhhhhhhh!! Have a wonderful and fun Thanksgiving!

  4. We had a tiny chance of snow overnight, but didn't get any. I'm partly glad and partly sad about that... Busy day here, too. Baking, food prep, van in the shop, pet-sitting for several friends of ours... Wishing you and the family a very, very happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. We missed out on the snow here in Indiana (though we did get wind damage last weekend). I am baking today too:) Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Move over Ginger and MaryAnn..I'm with you..We didn't get any snow..1 3/4 inches of rain..That's a good thing.
    It was nice out this AM..took a longer than usual walk with the Moll..Now the winds are picking up..A little cooking today in preparation fro tomorrow..Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...xxoo

  7. Beauty at it's best. I am not a cold weather gal, but I love the beauty of snow. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. I will travel to Chico California for mom's homemade fixings and cornbread dressing is my all time favorite. I can do without turkey, give me all the sides.

  8. There is just something about a farm covered in snow that makes me all tingly inside! :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  9. It is bitter cold here too. Not going for my walk today. I see you fixed the comment section, that you were looking looks nice.

    Have a wonderful holiday. I am not cooking after all so I will really enjoy my visit with friends.

  10. It's been snowing on and off all day here in western Maryland.
    Yes, I'm cooking dinner. My son and two grandkids will be here and staying a couple of days. He will be traveling from NJ. (about 5 hours)
    My favorite foods are all of them!! : )

  11. Bev, from our little funny farm to yours,,, Happy Turkey Fest Day.
    Hugz & miss you....

  12. Wonderful photos ! I love the first snow falls , makes everything look that much prettier ! I love all the different finger foods at Thanksgiving and Christmas time more then the full meal ! Thanks for sharing . Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving !


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