Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day is Done...

We've arrived at that time of year again.
The sun begins its descent early...
leaving a dusky glow to all by four p.m.

It's at this time that the goats leave their barn

and head out into the pasture for evening grazing.

I haven't figured out why they wait until the sun is setting to graze...

but it's this way every day.

They seem to be more active in the evening than they are all day.

It's also about this time that Milford makes his trek back down to the barn.

At least that's how it used to be.
Yesterday morning, however, I opened the henhouse to find Milford inside.

Rather than sleep alone in the barn,
it seems our Milford decided to have a sleep-over with the hens.
Naughty rooster!

Actually, I am rather glad that he may have decided to stay with the hens...
not as happy as Ella Bella, however.

It's her bed that Milford usually choses for his nightly slumber!


  1. hmmmm...that is interesting about the goats. we went to the vet yesterday sans teddy. we walked into his office and the receptionists looked at us strangely. i said, we are here for teddy's appointment but teddy chose to not accompany us. i think they thought we were pranking them!

  2. I can count on a smile, or two, with a visit to you!
    Silly goats preferring nighttime graze!

    And the Rooster has a mind of his own . . . (Or something.)

  3. I'm sure Ella Bella has her paws crossed that Milford stays in the hen house! As for the goats, maybe it there last chance to get a bite of food before bedtime. You know that bedtime snack we all like! Well, I've got my morning dose of happy from the tails, so best get ready for work. Hugs!!

  4. Milford seems to have found a good way of life around the farm. And as for Ella Bella, I wouldn't want a rooster pooping all over my bed either.

  5. I love how you name all your animals. : )
    Interesting about the goats.

  6. Someone once told me that goats know when to eat the grass in the pasture.The lecturer said that there is a kind of worm in the dew or frost on the grass in the morning and that goats wait until grasses are dry and worms are no longer there. Can't remember details.

  7. What happened to "cats rule"?..and then there's the "seniority" thing..Nobody told Ella Bella the rules??

  8. Lovely is your photos.
    Greetings, RW & SK


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